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October 6 in San Antonio history..

In an automobile draped in yellow bunting (right), stamped in large black letters with the words “Suffrage Special,” and “Votes for Women,” Mrs. J. M. Young along with Mesdames Fitzhugh Lee, Rena Maverick Green and Mattie Walthall Leman leave for Floresville to promote the Equal Franchise Society and women’s suffrage.

HemisFair ’68 comes to a close with a final total of 6,384,482 attendees.

Bill Miller Barbeque Enterprises donates the site of the former Fiesta Plaza Mall (derisively referred to as the “pink elephant”) to the University of Texas system for a downtown UTSA campus.

July 22 in San Antonio history…

The newest thing in the Army is a motorcycle radio section. It consists of the complete equipment of a field wireless carried on three sidecar motorcycles.

Qualified Negro voters in Bexar County will be permitted to vote in the Democratic primary election tomorrow under terms of a mandatory injunction.  Attorney Carl Wright Johnson argued that the courts have granted relief to white voters deprived of the privilege of voting and that the same relief should be open to negro voters deprived of such privilege.

The possibility of opening two or more of the city’s swimming pools will be considered tomorrow by Park Commissioner Henry Hein.  Commenting on the fact that military pools are open, Hein said, “The polio germ is so smart it does not step across the government line.  It respects Uncle Sam.”

February 13 in San Antonio history…

Work is progressing on a new aeroplane shed at Fort Sam Houston to house the new Wright aeroplane.

In an effort to reduce accidents, all slow-moving traffic will be compelled to keep to the right-hand curb on downtown streets.  Buggies and wagons can’t compete with fast-moving autos.

The public is invited to a reopening of the Jersey Lilly saloon at the Pearl Brewery on Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  Guests can avail themselves of a free glass of Pearl beer or other refreshments.

December 23 in San Antonio history…

San Antonio’s Christmas this year is the most bounteous and prosperous in her history. It has been estimated that no less than $6 million has been spent for gifts, an increase of about 25 percent over previous banner years.

The San Antonio Express praises the new Christmas lights on the “newly-beautified banks of [the] San Antonio River.”

Christmas gift checks totaling approximately $6500 are being presented by the Continental Trailways Bus system to its 100 employees in San Antonio.  Amount of the checks was determined by length of service with the company.

October 13 in San Antonio history…

The State Department has instructed Ambassador to Spain Willard to obtain a copy of the original charter of San Antonio granted by King Ferdinand VI in 1773.

The University of Texas defeats Oklahoma A&M, 14-6, in a game played at League Park here in San Antonio.

The Ace in the Hole band, featuring singer George Strait, plays their first concert – just up the road at Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos.

October 12 in San Antonio history…

San Antonians are looking forward to the tomorrow’s football clash between the University of Texas and Oklahoma A&M to be played at League Park.

Restoration on La Villita begun with O’Neil Ford as architect.

Country-western group Alabama makes their first appearance in San Antonio at the Majestic Theater.  San Antonians evidently had not heard much about them because the crowd was estimated at between 100 and 200 people.

September 24 in San Antonio history…

Jack Burke, manager of the Grand Opera House, announces that he has secured the state rights for Tom May’s Electro-Wonder scoreboard and folks that do not go east to watch the World Series will be afforded the opportunity to see each game played at the Grand Opera House on the latest improved scoreboard (right).

At a northside restaurant, Hollywood actor Earl Holliman announces plans to open a dinner playhouse at the site of the defunct Hacienda Dinner Theater on Nov. 1.  “There are a lot of big stars who want to come to San Antonio. We are going to give them that opportunity – and give people here a chance to see them,” says Holliman.

The enigmatic troubadour Willis Alan Ramsey plays a concert at Turtle Creek Country Club.

July 5 in San Antonio history…

Local women welcomed troops en route to the border, serving ice cream, sandwiches and oranges to the tired, hot men.

The San Antonio Independent School District was going ahead with plans to integrate white and Negro pupils in the city’s public schools.

“Seinfeld” premieres on KMOL on a Wednesday night as “The Seinfeld Chronicles,” with the terse description – “A comedy.”  The second episode would not air until May 31, 1990.

February 14 in San Antonio history…

Second lieutenant and future President Dwight D. Eisenhower, stationed at Ft. Sam Houston,  proposes to Mamie Doud.  She accepts.

San Antonio’s Klan #31 branch of the Ku Klux Klan donates $15 to Second Baptist Church, an African-American congregation, toward their expansion fundraising goal of $5,000.  Rev. I. H. Kelley is dismissed for accepting the money.

The Irish now-supergroup U2 (right) makes their first appearance in San Antonio, playing at Cardi’s – a briefly renamed Randy’s Rodeo, promoting their current album “October.”  Tickets were $4. (Photo by Al Rendon)

February 13 in San Antonio history…

On this day in 1913, Ignacio E. Lozano founded La Prensa, a Spanish-language daily newspaper published in San Antonio to address the needs of Mexicans residing temporarily in the United States who wished to follow events in Mexico, which was engulfed in the Mexican Revolution.

In an effort to reduce accidents, all slow-moving traffic will be compelled to keep to the right-hand curb on downtown streets.  Buggies and wagons can’t compete with fast-moving autos.

Mel Tillis performs at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.