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May 14 in San Antonio history…

The city health department reports one additional death, two new confirmed cases and six suspected cases of polio in the city.  Dr. Edward Sulkin, head of the bacteriological department of Southwestern Medical college, reported, “If the fly is a transmitter [of polio], T.M.I. is a hotbed” with garbage dumped into the creek behind the school and a leaking cesspool on the premises.

Mayor Jack White suggests that books in the public library written by known Communists should be branded or rubber stamped.  Interim City Manager Wylie Johnson takes things a step further, suggesting that the books be burned and every member of the library board be dismissed “if any of them have knowledge of Communist or Communist-leaning books in the library.”

An early grand opening is held at the Alamodome by invitation only.

April 21 in San Antonio history…

The first San Antonio Baseball Club is organized. J. S. Lockwood, president; Russell Norton, secretary.

Bexar County commissioners have ordered cells in the jail lined with steel so it will no longer be necessary to keep insane persons chained to jail floors. The lunatics tore the masonry walls down with their fingers when left unchained. Yet one man was chained for two years.

The new grocery store from Austin-based Whole Foods Market in the Colonies North Shopping Center holds its grand opening.

January 28 in San Antonio history…

The city council passes an ordinance leasing the old water board office building on W. Market from the water board at a cost of $1 for a period of 10 years.  The building will be used by the library.

The American Basketball Association’s eighth annual All-Star game is played in Convention Center Arena.  The East team defeats the West, 151-124.  Freddie Lewis of the Spirits of St. Louis is named the Most Valuable Player with 26 points, 11 assists and two steals.  His prize is $2,000 cash or a quarter horse named “Tuff Julie.”  He chose the horse.  Unfortunately, “Tuff Julie” wasn’t so tough.  She died three weeks later.

The Light goes out.  Unable to find a buyer, the San Antonio Light newspaper ceases publication after 112 years serving San Antonio (right).

January 13 in San Antonio history…

Joske’s buys out longtime department store rival Wolff & Marx.

City Councilman is sworn in for his 50-day turn as San Antonio’s mayor pro-tem.  His term actually begins Monday the 17th but today was the only satisfactory time for the official ceremony.  At 30 years of age, he becomes the youngest mayor in San Antonio history.

A grave believed to hold the remains of Texas hero Col. Ben Milam was uncovered in the center of Milam Park by construction workers. The grave is located on the spot where the Friends of Milam Park had plans to put an 18th-century-style gazebo. A concrete footer where a gray stone monument used to stand also was uncovered.

December 31 in San Antonio history…

Responding to a call, Fire Chief William P. Bishop (right) is killed instantly when a pumping engine from Company No. 7 collides with his Locomobile auto, hurling it into Joske’s.  Lieut. Robert Koppelin is also killed.

The Alamo Bowl, scheduled to pit the Hardin-Simmons Cowboys vs. the University of Denver Pioneers in Alamo Stadium, is postponed due to freezing temperatures and heavy ice. The game would eventually be played on January 4.

47 years later, the Alamo Bowl is held again. The Cal Golden Bears defeat the Iowa Hawkeyes, 37-3, in the first Builder’s Square Alamo Bowl.

October 31 in San Antonio history…

The bell for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church arrives from Troy, NY.  It was cast from a cannon at the Alamo at the expense of Samuel A. Maverick.

The mercury plummets to 27 degrees, making for frigid trick-or-treating and setting numerous records for the date:
– The lowest temperature for Oct. 31, breaking the mark of 33 degrees reported in 1980.
– The lowest temperature ever in October, surpassing the 32 degrees recorded Oct. 30, 1917.
– The lowest temperature so early in the season, once again breaking the 32 degrees reported Oct. 30, 1917.
– It was the first time since record-keeping began in 1885 for the lowest temperature in October to drop into the 20′s.

The classic “Rumours” lineup of Fleetwood Mac performs at the Alamodome in support of their live album “The Dance.”

October 23 in San Antonio history…

Robert Minor, American newspaper cartoonist from San Antonio, who was detained by American military authorities in France on charges of planning to circulate Bolshevik literature among the troops, was released today because of insufficient evidence to warrant a trial.

1940>October 23 in San Antonio history...
San Antonio’s first drive-in theater opens at 3602 Fredericksburg Road (right).

The first college football game is played in the Alamodome.  Texas defeats SMU, 37-10.

September 24 in San Antonio history…

Jack Burke, manager of the Grand Opera House, announces that he has secured the state rights for Tom May’s Electro-Wonder scoreboard and folks that do not go east to watch the World Series will be afforded the opportunity to see each game played at the Grand Opera House on the latest improved scoreboard (right).

At a northside restaurant, Hollywood actor Earl Holliman announces plans to open a dinner playhouse at the site of the defunct Hacienda Dinner Theater on Nov. 1.  “There are a lot of big stars who want to come to San Antonio. We are going to give them that opportunity – and give people here a chance to see them,” says Holliman.

The enigmatic troubadour Willis Alan Ramsey plays a concert at Turtle Creek Country Club.

August 6 in San Antonio history…

Declaring that the chili stands are a menace to public health, the board of health for a second time will send a request to the city that the stands not be permitted to do business on Alamo Plaza.

There will be no change in bus fares when the ordinance fixing the new city limits takes effect, according to W. B. Tuttle, San Antonio Public Service Co., president.

Ground is broken for the new Central Library building at 600 Soledad Street.

May 29 in San Antonio history…

The Los Angeles Heights school district was annexed into San Antonio School District today.

U.S. District Judge John H. Wood Jr. of San Antonio is assassinated while getting into his car at his home in San Antonio. Charles Harrelson, father of actor Woody Harrelson, is later convicted of the crime and sentenced to two life terms.

Paul McCartney brings his “New World Tour” concert to San Antonio.  44,468 fans see the former Beatle (right) in the first event ever held in the Alamodome.