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July 23 in San Antonio history…


The first shipment of rails for the San Antonio and Aransas Pass railway arrived in San Antonio.

The Pontiac “glass car,” (right) with a body made from plexiglas and featured in General Motors’ “Highways and Horizons” pavilion at the 1939 World’s Fair, goes on display at Mission City Pontiac located at Tenth and Broadway.

Foley’s opens their first store in San Antonio, located in North Star Mall.

July 22 in San Antonio history…

Qualified Negro voters in Bexar County will be permitted to vote in the Democratic primary election tomorrow under terms of a mandatory injunction.  Attorney Carl Wright Johnson argued that the courts have granted relief to white voters deprived of the privilege of voting and that the same relief should be open to negro voters deprived of such privilege.

A photostatic copy of the original floor plan of an old Spanish fort in San Antonio, drawn in 1805 by Francisco Adam, was brought to San Antonio recently by Bascom Giles, commissioner of the general land office. Situated on the present site of city hall, the fort was more than 300 feet long.

The San Antonio Light says that the body of a San Antonio woman missing since June 10 was located yesterday in Sutherland Springs with the help of a Dallas psychic.

July 21 in San Antonio history…

San Antonio Lodge No. 11, International Order of Odd Fellows organized (second secret society in San Antonio).

Thomas “Fats” Waller plays a concert in the Colored Library Auditorium.

More than 50 people wearing black arm bands and carrying a casket marched from Travis Park and in front of the Majestic Theater protesting the play “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”  The march was called “The Death of Morality March” and was led by Rev. Joe H. West, pastor of Town East Baptist Church and vice president of the Moral Majority in Texas.

July 20 in San Antonio history…

The San Antonio Light remarks on the growing popularity of wristwatches due to their usage by soldiers:  “Jewelers in San Antonio and all over Texas see a big business in wrist watches ahead of them and are placing heavy orders with the manufacturers. Christmas time will see the folks at home buying every soldier boy a wrist watch. Then every boy who is not a soldier will have to have one, too.”

First steps toward the filming in San Antonio of the $500,000 picture “Wings” were taken today when representatives of the famous Player-Lansky Corp. left to inspect Camp Bullis and Camp Stanley.

Speeders and abusers of gas ration privileges were given notice today by the Bexar county ration board that offenders will be punished. Fifteen people had their rations suspended in one morning by vote of the board, according to Robert A. Hall, chief clerk of the gasoline panel. One of the offenders was a speeding cab driver who had his rations taken away for 30 days.

July 19 in San Antonio history…

San Antonio began keeping weather statistics in 1885.  On this day in that year, the temperature dropped to 65 and it’s still the record low.

Eric Burdon & the Animals play a concert in Municipal Auditorium with local bands The Yellow Payges and Sweet Smoke opening.

The San Antonio Wings of the World Football League play their first home game at Alamo Stadium – an exhibition game against the Memphis Southmen.  The Wings win, 7-0.

July 18 in San Antonio history…

On the anniversary of his famed flight to Ireland, Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan took as his bride yesterday afternoon, his childhood sweetheart, Miss Elizabeth Marvin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Marvin,  507 Terrell Rd.  The wedding was in the chapel of the First Baptist Church.

Lt. Stanton D. Richart of San Antonio and three aides were credited with the capture of 85 Nazis by falsely convincing the Germans that they were surrounded.  For this action, Lt. Richart receives the Silver Star with Oak Leaf cluster.

“The Great (Little) Train Robbery:” Passengers aboard Old No. 99 , Brackenridge Park’s miniature train, are robbed of their valuables by two soldiers from Ft. Sam Houston. Riders initially think it is a joke – until they see the guns are real. Both robbers are caught and sentenced to prison terms of 20 and 10 years, respectively.
As of 2016, this is the last train robbery in San Antonio.

July 17 in San Antonio history…

San Antonio’s city limits are set as one square league with the dome of San Fernando Cathedral as center, divided into four wards.

Official census figures for July 1 showed San Antonio still the leading city in Texas with a population of 191,398.  Dallas ranked a close second with 187,826.

San Antonio became the second Hollywood of the United States when announcement was made by the famous Player-Lansky Corp. that “Wings,” one of the most spectacular pictures of the year, would be shot in San Antonio.
[“Wings” was the first movie to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.]

July 16 in San Antonio history…

John Keiser, who is engaged in classifying probate papers in the county clerk’s office, came to a package yesterday containing the papers of Davy Crockett.  First papers were filed July 12, 1837 and the estate was closed in 1857.

Japanese Monument to The Heroes of the Alamo
Prof. Shigetaka Shiga, eminent Japanese author who composed a poem honoring Alamo dead, announced a September visit to San Antonio to erect a stone monument inscribed with his poem (right).

Parade fanfare and visits by Gov. Shivers and Hollywood stars will mark the world premiere of “The Man From the Alamo” at the Majestic Theater.


July 15 in San Antonio history…

After its selection training site for the Ninetieth (Texas-Oklahoma) Division of the army, Camp Wilson is renamed Camp Travis, in honor of Alamo hero William B. Travis.

“The Texans” starring Randolph Scott, Joan Bennett and Walter Brennan, has its world premiere at the Majestic Theater (right).

The Texans, San Antonio’s new Canadian Football League franchise, lose their home opener in the Alamodome to the Baltimore Stallions, 28-23.


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