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January 6 in San Antonio history…

The purchase of an automobile delivery car by Washer Bros. marks another step in the elimination of the horsedrawn vehicle as a means of bundle delivery in San Antonio.

The 52-year-old Municipal Auditorium is gutted by fire. The cause of the blaze is attributed to a discarded cigarette.

A team of 20 archaeologists digging in the now-drained San Antonio River believe they may have found up to 20 missing Alamo cannons.

December 2 in San Antonio history…

It became clear this morning that the city intends to enforce its speeding ordinance.  C. R. Jones was fined $10 for exceeding the legal limit of 8 miles per hour.  Witnesses said the auto was positively going at least 17 miles an hour.

Jorrie Furniture opens their new building at the corner of San Pedro and Quincy Avenue.  This building will be controversially razed in June 2008, after the city’s planning director signs off on the order just before he retires.

The deposed Shah of Iran arrives at Kelly AFB to recuperate from cancer surgery at Wilford Hall.  He will leave the US on December 15 and reside in Panama until March 1980 when he relocated to Egypt.  He died there on July 27, 1980 and is buried in Cairo.

October 12 in San Antonio history…

Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy makes a campaign stop in San Antonio. Kennedy told the crowd gathered in front of the Alamo, “In 1960, the cause of all mankind is the cause of all Americans.”

Santikos opens a new six-screen, 46,000 square foot theater at the corner of Loop 410 and Perrin-Beitel roads.  It’s called the Galaxy.  This expands the Santikos movie chain to 11 theaters with 34 screens.  The theater opens showing “Apocalypse Now”, “Starting Over”, “The Glacier Fox”, “The Shape of Things to Come”, “The Inheritance” and “Grease” with “Saturday Night Fever (PG version).”

Country-western group Alabama makes their first appearance in San Antonio at the Majestic Theater.  San Antonians evidently had not heard much about them because the crowd was estimated at between 100 and 200 people.

October 4 in San Antonio history…

Due to World War I, San Antonio restaurant keepers have been notified by the Bexar County Community Labor Board to replace their male employees with women.  This is the first direct action by the board to substitute female labor for male.

The first radio broadcast of the World Series takes place in Newark, New Jersey with announcers giving reports from a telegraph wire.  Unfortunately in San Antonio, baseball fans have to watch updates on an automated scoreboard outside the Empire Theater (right).

Buddy Holly & the Crickets make their only San Antonio appearance at the Municipal Auditorium with “The Biggest Show of Stars for ’57.” Along with the Crickets, the bill includes: Fats Domino, LaVern Baker, The Drifters, Frankie Lymon, Chuck Berry, Clyde McPhatter, Eddie Cochran, The Diamonds, Buddy Knox, Jimmy Bowen and Paul Anka. The concert of many rock and roll stars was probably overshadowed with the news that the Soviet Union had launched an artificial “star” that day – Sputnik.



September 27 in San Antonio history…

A federal judge is keeping Lyndon Johnson’s name off the ballot until alleged voter fraud in Jim Wells, Duval and Zapata counties can be examined.

John Russell “Hondo” Crouch, self-proclaimed mayor and “clown prince” of Luckenbach, passes away at the age of 60.

The three-day First International Mariachi Conference begins today at El Mercado and the Arneson River Theater.

August 2 in San Antonio history…

Tax collector Maury Maverick sends a donation of $50 to be used for caring for members of the “veteran’s bonus army” now quartered in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  The telegram follows:  “Herewith is $50 for bonus veterans, the gift of my aged mother, who only wishes she could send more.  I commend your manly attitude for right and justice.  The country applauds you.”

The 95th polio victim in San Antonio is recorded – a 22 year-old woman who is hospitalized at the Nix.

Joske’s holds the first day of a disco dancing contest to win an appearance in the upcoming Allan Carr film tentatively titled “Discoland.”  [Allan Carr was the producer of “Grease.” “Discoland” would be released in 1980 as “Can’t Stop the Music.”]

May 29 in San Antonio history…

The polio ban at Randolph Field was lifted today.  The non-commissioned officers’, service and officers’ clubs were reopened.  The post theater opened but one seat will be left vacant between each person.  Swimming pools will remain closed for an indefinite period.

A total of 225 students, largest in Trinity University history, will receive degrees at graduation ceremonies at 8 p. at  the Sunken Garden Theater.

Salem Binladen, half-brother to Osama, dies when his ultralight aircraft hits some powerlines and crashes in Schertz.

April 27 in San Antonio history…

The Texas Theater begins showing the sci-fi double feature of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and “The Atomic Man (right).”

A 22-year old streaker jumped on a float in the Fiesta Flambeau parade.  He was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge, pled guilty and assessed a $200 fine in Municipal Court.  He was not released, however.  He was held in custody as he was wanted by Armed Forces Police for being AWOL from the Air Force since last December.

During the Battle of Flowers parade, Ira Attebury sprays the crowd with shotgun and semiautomatic rifle fire from a parked motorhome. Two die, 55 are wounded. Attebury commits suicide as SWAT teams close in.

March 22 in San Antonio history…

The San Antonio Conservation Society is organized to save the old Market House and the San Antonio River.

In advance of a May 12 Federal Court hearing, the City Council repeals the June 19, 1954 ordinance (No. 20307) prohibiting people of color from city swimming pools.

The Space Shuttle Columbia lands at Kelly AFB on its way from El Paso to Cape Canaveral.  This is the first appearance of a space shuttle in San Antonio.  The first launch takes place in April 1981.  The landing is witnessed by a crowd of over 10,000 curious San Antonians.  (photo by Tom Phillip)

January 29 in San Antonio history…

Robert B. Green opens to the public as the county hospital.

The Majestic Theater features “The New Audioscopiks,” the second 3-D movie by Pete Smith, as a prelude to “Happy Landing,” the new film with Sonja Henie and Don Ameche.

A traffic accident at at IH-10 and South New Braunfels at 12:06 a.m. is the first emergency reported to the 911 system.  San Antonio is the first metropolitan area in Texas to have the 911 emergency system.