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October 27 in San Antonio history…

Sears, Roebuck & Co. moves from the Transit Tower location to their new downtown headquarters at Romana Plaza. In 1995, this location would become the San Antonio Central Library.

H.G. Wells, in San Antonio to attend the 65th annual United States Brewers Convention, meets Orson Welles for the first time at the Plaza Hotel.  Welles stopped in the city briefly, en route to Tucson to scout a movie location.  He admitted to being apprehensive at meeting the “War of the Worlds” author.  The record an interview on KTSA, which you can listen to here.

Barnes and Noble open their first two San Antonio stores at Fiesta Trails shopping center on DeZavala and the Ingram Festival shopping center on Loop 410 near Ingram Mall.


March 26 in San Antonio history…

San Antonio police found half of the $10,000 recently stolen from the Comfort State Bank.

Ear piercing, an art of the ancient Egyptians and popular in society circles of olden days, is back in vogue in San Antonio. Ears are pierced by pushing a threaded needle through the lobe, leaving the string in their flesh.

The new Texaco station at 2103 Broadway celebrates its Grand Opening with a display of the new Tucker and French Renault automobiles (right).

March 23 in San Antonio history…

The iron bridge ordered by our city authorities, has, some weeks ago, arrived at Indianola and is now waiting for better roads in order to be shipped to its destination.

Natural stone steps, constructed by the Franciscan Friars as part of the old mill at San Jose Mission, were restored today as they were in the days of the holy monks.  For years the steps had been hidden beneath earth and refuse.

Patrick “Patty” Mills, the former Portland point guard last seen playing in China during the NBA lockout, has signed a contract with the Spurs and could join the team within a week, pending resolution of work visa issues.  The Spurs are also hoping to sign Charlotte’s Boris Diaw after he clears waivers later today.

March 4 in San Antonio history…

Santa Anna gathers his officers for a council of war. It is decided that when the final assault in the Alamo takes place, that they will take no prisoners. The time for the assault will be determined tomorrow. Having been consolidated into two batteries, the Mexican artillery, is brought to within 200 yards of the compound. More Texian reinforcements arrive in the late hours.

Paula Ragusa, better known by her stage name of Paula Prentiss (right), is born in San Antonio.

Mister Rogers’ (then spelled Misterogers’) Neighborhood premieres on KLRN Channel 9.  The “prize winning children’s show” debuted nationally on public television on February 19 but today is the first appearance in San Antonio.

February 20 in San Antonio history…

The Lasso girls, the Jefferson High School girls cheering section, was formed this week in a drum and bugle corps.  The 37-piece group will hold their first meeting at the school, which will furnish instruments.

Lobsters, flown alive from the East to San Antonio overnight were being featured on the Gunter hotel menu today. Freshly caught in the famed lobster waters of the Northeast, the lobsters, packed in wet seaweed, were brought to San Antonio as an experiment  in air transportation of seafoods to this city.
Should the experiment prove successful, it was said, a regular seafood transportation service will be inaugurated, connecting San Antonio with various fishing centers.

Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis headlines a show at Municipal Auditorium with Jermaine Stewart, Shabba-Doo and La Franz.

February 7 in San Antonio history…

Longtime San Antonio disk jockey Bruce Hathaway is born to Wilbur and Florence Hathaway of 603 Bandera Road. (right)

The Beach Boys perform at Municipal Auditorium.  Opening acts are San Antonio favorites Rene & Rene and a band from Detroit known as the Bob Seger System.

After being holed up at the Hilton Palacio del Rio for nearly a month waiting on a judge to rule on his trade from the Virginia Squires, George Gervin plays his first game as a San Antonio Spur at HemisFair Arena against the Utah Stars. Gervin started slowly, scoring only 12 points on 5-for-16 shooting from the field in San Antonio’s 86-83 loss to Stars in his first game.

January 31 in San Antonio history…

Thousands of pecan shellers walk off the job to protest efforts by the Delicious Pecan Company to lower wages from six cents a pound for pieces and seven cents a pound for halves to five cents for pieces and six cents for halves. Emma Tenayuca quickly assums temporary leadership of the strike. She becomes known as “La Pasionaria” for her fiery speeches and attracts a loyal following although many San Antonio workers dislike her outspoken communism.

The lowest temperature ever in San Antonio is recorded on this day.  The mercury plunges to a brutally cold 0 degrees Fahrenheit and the city shivers under a 4.7 inch snowfall.

Just four days after the fatal fire that killed three astronauts during a “plugs out” test of Apollo I, two airmen are killed during a similar test inside a space cabin simulator at Brooks AFB.  Like the Apollo I astronauts, the airmen at Brooks were working in a pressurized atmosphere of 100 percent oxygen.  A spark caused a flash fire and the airmen were severely burned.


January 16 in San Antonio history…

Bluebonnet Hotel
The Bluebonnet Hotel at St. Mary’s and Pecan street opens for business.

San Antonio’s motorcycle patrolmen may soon be equipped with electric machine guns.  C. A. Stockholm, their inventor, said he will give them to the police if the city approves.  The guns are fired by the ignition switch.

A benefit concert for “Fiddlin’ Frenchie” Burke is held at the Kendall County Fairgrounds in Boerne.  Performers are: Moe Bandy & the Rodeo Clowns, Johnny Bush & the Bandeleros, Bubba Littrell & the Melody Mustangs and George Strait & the Ace in the Hole Band.

December 16 in San Antonio history…

The new electric blanket, which maintains a comfortable temperature in the bed at the approximate cost of four cents a night for electricity, is being introduced here by Joske’s.

Robert H. H. Hugman is named the official architect of the River Beautification Project.

Alan Jackson makes his first-ever San Antonio appearance at Bluebonnet Palace in Selma.  His debut album Here In The Real World would be released two months later, in February 1990.


December 7 in San Antonio history…

The San Antonio Light announces that a Christmas tree will be placed in Alamo Plaza “in front of the ruined portion of the Alamo” by the Rotary Club.  The tree will be furnished by Douglas Fairchilds of Medina Valley.  The San Antonio Gas & Electric Company has agreed to furnish, free, the current for several thousand colored electric lights; J. C. Kinney has agreed to do the electrical work; Steves Sash &. Door Company has promised to furnish a fence to be built around a sufficient area about the tree to accommodate 1500 poor children and their mothers; the British Society, the Scottish Society,(known as Clan McDuff), three or four of the German singing societies, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, (representing the Irish), and the Choral Society of the Y. M. C. A., (representing the Americans), have agreed, to come in costume and sing Christmas songs representative of each nationality on Christmas Eve.

E. P. Arneson passes away in a San Antonio hospital.  A civil engineer, he served as the district supervisor for the Works Progress Administration.  He also planned the Medina toll road, the master highways system of San Antonio, Waco, Fort Worth and Dallas along with other highway, subdivision and irrigation projects in the state.  The Arneson River Theater is named for him.

San Antonio receives a surprise snowfall of two inches.  This is the most snow to fall on the Alamo City since 1985.