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May 30 in San Antonio history…

Commissioners Court vetoed the idea of a bond issue to erect a coliseum and Commissioner Bob Uhr said he could see no sense in putting a lot of sheep and cattle in a large building for livestock shows.

Seventy-one heavy-duty compressor air sprayers were delivered to the city health department today to be used in the DDT polio-spraying program.  Spraying of areas where victims have lived will be done every two weeks.  It was pointed out that the insecticide has been washed away by the heavy rains.

The $74.4 million upgrade to the Museum Reach expansion of the San Antonio River is completed on-time and $2 million under budget.

March 8 in San Antonio history…

The Studer Photo Company acquires the property at 402 San Pedro for their new headquarters.

Trinity University officials announced the school’s new campus would be opposite Alamo Stadium.

The Olmos Theater (right) opens showing “The Girl from Manhattan”, starring Dorothy Lamour and Charles Laughton.

December 23 in San Antonio history…

San Antonio’s Christmas this year is the most bounteous and prosperous in her history. It has been estimated that no less than $6 million has been spent for gifts, an increase of about 25 percent over previous banner years.

The San Antonio Express praises the new Christmas lights on the “newly-beautified banks of [the] San Antonio River.”

Christmas gift checks totaling approximately $6500 are being presented by the Continental Trailways Bus system to its 100 employees in San Antonio.  Amount of the checks was determined by length of service with the company.

December 14 in San Antonio history…

The Texas Legislature approves the incorporation of the city of San Antonio.  The city had previously been known as Presidio San Antonio de Béxar and the Villa of San Fernando de Béxar.

Acequia Street is renamed Main Avenue.

City council hopes to clarify street names, and one spokesman objected to such street names such as Broadway and Main Avenue. He claimed these names can be found in any two-bit town in the country.

December 6 in San Antonio history…

Mayor Kuykendall has a two-way radio installed in his black official limousine.  He now has access to any city officials of City Hall and Fire Department.  His first order? Fix the pothole in the 600 block of East Josephine Street.  Pothole fixed the same day.

The world’s first air-conditioned bus rolled into experimental use here and surprised and pleased customers.

It was announced the Lone Star Brewery had purchased the historic Buckhorn Saloon, which, with its world’s largest collection of horns, will be moved from its downtown site to the brewery grounds.

November 18 in San Antonio history…

Police complain that many lady bicycle riders are openly and flagrantly violating the city ordinance, compelling them to carry lamps at night.  The ladies, when cautioned in the matter, reply with jeers at the bluecoats.  The officers will not long stand for this.

San Antonio Public Library officials report that 6,000 borrowed books have not been returned during the past three years.  The missing books are valued at $15,000.

Parks Commissioner Henry Hein, criticizing the San Antonio Health department, said that swimming pools should be cleaned when they are dirty. He protested the use of expensive chlorine to kill germs.


September 13 in San Antonio history

“The Picture of Dorian Gray,” based on an 1890 novel by Oscar Wilde, premieres at the Texas Theater.  The movie features Hurd Hatfield, Angela Lansbury and Donna Reed.  Mr. Wilde visited San Antono in 1882 and lectured at Turner Opera Hall (now the Bonham Exchange.)

The R.C. Cole High School Golden Cougars win their first football game, 8-0, over the Comfort Bobcats.

Pope John Paul II visits San Antonio and gives a Mass for an estimated 350,000 people in Westover Hills on the site of what is today Stevens High School.  He also visits Plaza Guadalupe, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, San Fernando Cathedral and Municipal Auditorium. (photo courtesy of the San Antonio Express-News)

August 15 in San Antonio history…

An ordinance was adopted by the city council wherein the city disclaimed any right, title or interest in the Alamo property.  The mayor was authorized to execute a quitclaim deed to Miss Clara Driscoll.

While people took to the streets to celebrate Japan’s acceptance of surrender terms, effectively ending World War II, burglars ransacked houses and apartments left vacant by celebrants. A total of $425 in cash and numerous articles were reported missing.

The San Pedro Drive-In closes.
(photo by Jim Miller)

August 7 in San Antonio history…

Mayor Maury Maverick issues a proclamation today refusing to cancel a permit allowing a Communist meeting in Municipal Auditorium on August 24.  Maverick said, “There is no way under the law that Emma Tenayuca can be denied use of any public property for public meetings.  I respect very deeply the opinion of those who oppose Emma Tenayuca.  I oppose her myself.  I oppose Communism myself.”

The San Antonio Express and Light newspapers both report that a bomb, larger than any previously known, was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima causing great damage and loss of life.  However, back on July 16, the San Antonio newspapers did not pick up a little-publicized story printed in the Gallup, NM;  Santa Fe, NM and El Paso newspapers that mentioned a huge explosion at a munitions dump near the Alamogordo Army Air Base.  This was actually the first nuclear test and would have been quite a scoop.  News of the July 16 test was finally printed today along with the news of the Hiroshima bombing.

1954>August 7 in San Antonio history...
Johnny Cash marries Vivian Liberto at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in San Antonio (right).

August 1 in San Antonio history…

While digging a well on the Hot Wells property today, workmen discovered the skeleton of an “immense mastodon.” The discovery was reported to the property owner, Mr. Shacklett, and “he made an investigation, finding every portion of the frame to be petrified, excepting the teeth, on which the enamel was still plain.”  The Daily Light reports that the bones were collected together and will be well taken care of as they are “rare curiosities and very valuable.”

The San Antonio Public Library purchases a rare first edition King James Bible and other rare books with money donated by the estate of Harry Hertzberg.

The Majestic Theater features MTV favorites The Psychedelic Furs and Talk Talk.