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December 6 in San Antonio history…

Mayor Kuykendall has a two-way radio installed in his black official limousine.  He now has access to any city officials of City Hall and Fire Department.  His first order? Fix the pothole in the 600 block of East Josephine Street.  Pothole fixed the same day.

The world’s first air-conditioned bus rolled into experimental use here and surprised and pleased customers.

It was announced the Lone Star Brewery had purchased the historic Buckhorn Saloon, which, with its world’s largest collection of horns, will be moved from its downtown site to the brewery grounds.

November 22 in San Antonio history…

The city passes the first ordinance against carrying concealed deadly weapons.

With a grand ceremony including fireworks, high school bands and 300 guests of honor, Joske’s dedicates their newly renovated and expanded “Big Store” (right) at the corner of Commerce and Alamo streets.

Restauranteur Phil Romano sells his Macaroni Grill in Leon Springs to Chili’s Inc. for 152,000 shares of stock worth $5 million.

November 18 in San Antonio history…

Police complain that many lady bicycle riders are openly and flagrantly violating the city ordinance, compelling them to carry lamps at night.  The ladies, when cautioned in the matter, reply with jeers at the bluecoats.  The officers will not long stand for this.

San Antonio Public Library officials report that 6,000 borrowed books have not been returned during the past three years.  The missing books are valued at $15,000.

Parks Commissioner Henry Hein, criticizing the San Antonio Health department, said that swimming pools should be cleaned when they are dirty. He protested the use of expensive chlorine to kill germs.


October 14 in San Antonio history…

Work on the Riverside Theater, part of the beautification project, is nearing completion.  San Antonians may soon be watching stage shows and movies from the river bank.

Elvis Presley with his band, Scotty Moore, Bill Black and D.J. Fontana,  plays two shows at the Bexar County Coliseum to thousands of swooning, screaming, mainly female, fans.  It was the third appearance for Elvis in San Antonio in 1956. (photo from Freeman Coliseum.)

“The Red Rocker,” Sammy Hagar performs in Municipal Auditorium in support of his new live album “All Night Long,” some of which was recorded in San Antonio the previous March.

October 12 in San Antonio history…

San Antonians are looking forward to the tomorrow’s football clash between the University of Texas and Oklahoma A&M to be played at League Park.

Restoration on La Villita begun with O’Neil Ford as architect.

Country-western group Alabama makes their first appearance in San Antonio at the Majestic Theater.  San Antonians evidently had not heard much about them because the crowd was estimated at between 100 and 200 people.

September 19 in San Antonio history…

Among the trick plays being turned over in the minds of local football coaches, the forward pass is the play attracting the most attention.

The first appointee if the police department’s new “petticoat squad” took up her duties today.  She is Miss Dorothy Streigler, 704 E. Euclid, one of ten women who will be hired to handle the filing of police records.

San Antonio’s first recognized collegiate football team since the days of St. Mary’s Rattlers makes its opening appearance tonight as Trinity University faces Hardin Simmons at Alamo Stadium.

August 25 in San Antonio history…

St. Mary’s Institute (now University) is founded near San Fernando with 12 male students.

A Communist rally at Municipal Auditorium turns into a riot when a crowd of 5,000 stone-throwing citizens converges on the building.

The San Antonio Light reports that the Polish American Priests Association sent a letter two days ago inviting Pope John Paul II to visit Panna Maria, about 55 miles south of San Antonio, to celebrate its 125th anniversary as the first Polish community in Texas.  “Why wouldn’t he accept?” asked Msgr. Erwin Juraschek president of the association.  “After all… he’s Polish.”

August 11 in San Antonio history…

The school board has ruled that starting this fall, the high school course will be lengthened from three to four years.  The additional time is considered necessary to master the difficult courses.

The second radio station in San Antonio, WCAR, begins broadcasting from 324 N. Navarro St.  It is later renamed KTSA (which stands for Kum TSan Antonio). (License date 5/9/22)

Bexar County Commissioners Court in a special resolution passed this morning, censured the city of San Antonio for its “ill-advised” granting of a permit for a Communist Party meeting in the Municipal Auditorium.

August 7 in San Antonio history…

Mayor Maury Maverick issues a proclamation today refusing to cancel a permit allowing a Communist meeting in Municipal Auditorium on August 24.  Maverick said, “There is no way under the law that Emma Tenayuca can be denied use of any public property for public meetings.  I respect very deeply the opinion of those who oppose Emma Tenayuca.  I oppose her myself.  I oppose Communism myself.”

The San Antonio Express and Light newspapers both report that a bomb, larger than any previously known, was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima causing great damage and loss of life.  However, back on July 16, the San Antonio newspapers did not pick up a little-publicized story printed in the Gallup, NM;  Santa Fe, NM and El Paso newspapers that mentioned a huge explosion at a munitions dump near the Alamogordo Army Air Base.  This was actually the first nuclear test and would have been quite a scoop.  News of the July 16 test was finally printed today along with the news of the Hiroshima bombing.

1954>August 7 in San Antonio history...
Johnny Cash marries Vivian Liberto at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in San Antonio (right).

July 6 in San Antonio history…

Alexander Joske , President of Joske Brothers Co., has acquired from the Mercantile Building Co. for a cash consideration of $120,000, a lot fronting 45 feet on Commerce, 318 feet on N. Presa and 45 feet on Crockett streets.

Mayor Maury Maverick announced today that the operation of the chili stands on Haymarket Plaza by San Antonio’s “chili queens” would be suspended for ten days pending complete compliance with city health regulations.  The mayor visited the plaza last night and outlined his plan to place six stands on the plaza and and central sterilizing plant in the market house.

Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins give a news conference in Houston from inside a plastic enclosure to keep them away from germs carried by newsmen.  They announce that the Command ship to orbit the moon will be called “Columbia” and the lunar lander will be named “Eagle.”