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January 22 in San Antonio history…

The City Health Board called for an ordinance prohibiting persons from spitting on streets and sidewalks.

Only in chasing criminals or in answering emergency calls will radio patrol cars be allowed to exceed a speed limit of 25 miles per hour in the future, this according to an order issued today by Chief of Police Owen Kilday.

San Antonio awakened today to see its first snowfall in 10 years.  At noon, the snow measured three inches.  San Antonio received its last heavy snowfall – 29.9 inches – Dec. 21, 1929.

January 21 in San Antonio history…

Twelve San Antonio architects worked for the past week taking measurements of three landmark homes as part of the Historical Buildings Project.  The homes are the Vance House, the DesMazieres house and the French Mansard House recently owned by Dr. Kingsley. (The Kingsley house was razed in 1936, the Vance House in 1953 and the DesMazieres residence and store sometime after 1939.)

KONO-TV Channel 12 (later KSAT) begins regular programming with Eisenhower’s second inauguration.

Sixty-three years after Isadore Brenner opened the store as “Brenner’s” on Soledad Street, longtime San Antonio discount store Solo Serve (right) files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

January 20 in San Antonio history…

1881January 20 in San Antonio history...
The first issue of the San Antonio Light rolls off the printing presses. It remains in circulation until January 28, 1993.

Even the pennies count these days, for just a few of them can buy a meal now at the Co-operative Penny restaurant just opened at 1113 West Commerce street, it was announced today. A meal can be secured for as little as 4 cents. Besides those who pay a few pennies for their meals, several hundred unemployed who cannot pay anything are served free each day. All profit is turned back into funds to buy food for the unemployed, Meal books are being sold to the public for $1 for distribution to the unemployed.

An official of the St. Louis Browns said the Browns are prepared to shift their San Antonio baseball franchise to any city they desire if Tech Field cannot be procured. The Transit Co. has purchased the grounds on San Pedro Avenue for bus shops.

January 19 in San Antonio history…

Richard Nixon makes a campaign stop in San Antonio at Trinity University.

Rosa Parks is the guest of honor for San Antonio’s inaugural Martin Luther King Day Freedom March. She is chauffeured along the route in a General Motors 3102 owned by VIA and used by the transit system from 1952 to 1963.

The Hertzberg clock, a San Antonio landmark since 1878, was removed today from its corner at Houston and St. Mary’s streets and stored at the La Vernia Clock Works in La Vernia. It will be reinstalled when TriParty construction is completed around the location.

January 18 in San Antonio history…

Leopold Wolfson buys the White Elephant Saloon to expand his dry goods business. The $2000 mirror smashes as it is being taken from storage.

The deed to transfer Kampmann property at 4th and Avenue E to the Scottish Rite Masons of San Antonio has been filed with a consideration set at $65,000 in cash.  Plans are to erect a temple on the site.

A fire damages the old Hot Wells hotel.  It was the second, after lightning struck and extensively damaged the building in 1894.

January 17 in San Antonio history…

Oysters are served at the annual alumni meeting of St. Mary’s College, thus beginning the tradition of Oyster Bake.

The new Central Catholic High School is dedicated.

San Antonio shoppers find a new product on their grocery store shelves today.  Mrs. Baird’s bread (right), a favorite in Texas, arrives in the Alamo City.  The bread joins Mrs. Baird’s cakes, sweet rolls and variety breads which started distribution here in May 1976.

January 16 in San Antonio history…

The Bluebonnet Hotel at St. Mary’s and Pecan streets opens for business.

San Antonio’s newest television station, KONO-TV Channel 12, goes on the air for the first time with a test pattern. Regular broadcasting to begin on the 21st.

“The Biggest Cowboy Boots in the World,” 40 feet high and 30 feet long and designed by Bob “Daddy-O” Wade in 1979, are assembled in front of North Star Mall facing Loop 410.

January 15 in San Antonio history…

S. Marie Shelton and W. Walter Stowe are married by Rev. J. H. Adams of Cumberland Presbyterian Church in a tethered balloon 1,000 feet in the air over San Pedro Springs Park. After the ceremony, the couple made a balloon trip to Leon Springs. Passengers on the trip were Capt. H.E. Honeywell, L.B. Moorehouse, W.A. Philpott, Miss Elva McDaniel and Benjamin Foulois “who operates the Wright aeroplane at Sam Houston.”

A fire that started with a cigarette in a trashcan of the ladies’ restroom consumes much of the Olmos Dinner Club, causing over $300,000 in damages.

Elvis Presley makes his first San Antonio appearance at the Municipal Auditorium (right), playing a 3 pm matinee and an 8 pm show. He will return to San Antonio twice more in 1956.

January 14 in San Antonio history…

San Antonio drivers are dismayed as the speed limit drops to the federally-mandated 55 mph at one minute after midnight. The limit remained at the “double-nickel” until Congress lifted all federal speed limit controls in the November 28, 1995, National Highway Designation Act, which returned all speed limit determination authority to the states effective December 8, 1995.

Joe Gomez is featured in the San Antonio Express with the Volkswagen he built at his ornamental iron works business at 1449 Culebra Road.  He spent almost three months on the  VW body that features over 1,000 leaves, stems and flowers and weighs 208 pounds. Gomez says he will use the Bug (right) for a rolling advertisement for his business.

The Balcones Heights shopping mall built as Wonderland Shopping City in 1960 and renamed Crossroads Mall in 1987, changes its name again to “Wonderland of the Americas.”

January 13 in San Antonio history…

The cornerstone of St. Mary’s Catholic Church is laid.

There is a complaint that the keeper at one of the missions permits visitors to take away, for a consideration, mementoes of the place, such as heads of cherubs and other carvings.  Someone should attend to this.

City Councilman Henry Cisneros is sworn in for his 50-day turn as San Antonio’s mayor pro-tem.  His term actually begins Monday the 17th but today was the only satisfactory time for the official ceremony.  At 30 years of age, he becomes the youngest mayor in San Antonio history.