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July 21 in San Antonio history…

The position of Assistant City Manager at an annual salary of $12,000 was created in a special ordinance passed by the San Antonio City Council.

Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin climb aboard the lunar lander and blast off from the moon to rendezvous with Command Module pilot Michael Collins in lunar orbit.

More than 50 people wearing black arm bands and carrying a casket marched from Travis Park and in front of the Majestic Theater protesting the play “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”  The march was called “The Death of Morality March” and was led by Rev. Joe H. West, pastor of Town East Baptist Church and vice president of the Moral Majority in Texas.


July 20 in San Antonio history…

Pancho Villa is assassinated in Parral, Mexico.

The mounted police are returning to the San Antonio Police Department. The first one will be assigned to patrol Brackenridge Park.

Inside the Eagle lunar module, Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin land on the moon.  Armstrong takes the first step onto the lunar surface at 9:56 p.m. Central time.  Aldrin follows 15 minutes later.  The first word from Tranquility Base is “Houston.”


July 19 in San Antonio history…

The Old Lewis mill is stopped. For nearly 20 years this mill had supplied ground corn to San Antonio.

Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins achieved lunar orbit at 10:12 p.m. last night and are preparing to land on the moon tomorrow night.  They are 230,430 miles from Earth and traveling 2,300 mph around the moon.

The San Antonio Wings of the World Football League play their first home game at Alamo Stadium – an exhibition game against the Memphis Southmen.  The Wings win, 7-0.

July 18 in San Antonio history…

Lt. Stanton D. Richart of San Antonio and three aides were credited with the capture of 85 Nazis by falsely convincing the Germans that they were surrounded.  For this action, Lt. Richart receives the Silver Star with Oak Leaf cluster.

After a full night’s sleep, the astronauts on the way to the moon are scheduled to perform a thorough flight test today of the Lunar Module that will land on the moon in a couple of days.  They are over 190,000 miles from earth.

“The Great (Little) Train Robbery:” Passengers aboard Old No. 99 , Brackenridge Park’s miniature train, are robbed of their valuables by two soldiers from Ft. Sam Houston. Riders initially think it is a joke – until they see the guns are real. Both robbers are caught and sentenced to prison terms of 20 and 10 years, respectively.
As of today, this is the last train robbery in San Antonio.


July 16 in San Antonio history…

Mrs. L. M. Lyon of 717 East Euclid Avenue wins the $50 prize for writing the city creed in 100 words:
“I believe in San Antonio, my home; that whatsoever I I give unto her shall be returned to me tenfold.
I believe in her unique and picturesque setting, the romance and mystery of her historic mission; her riches on the earth, under the earth and in the air.
I believe in the efficiency of her institutions, her healthgiving climate, the dignity of her men and women and her genial western hospitality.
I believe in her business enterprises, the present and its opportunities, the future and its wonderful promises, and in the divine joy of living in San Antonio for you – and me.”

Thirty San Antonio pecan shellers were working under police protection after a group of 50 labor agitators had tried unsuccessfully to make them strike.

At 7:32 a.m. San Antonio time, Apollo 11 blasts off from Cape Kennedy, Florida heading for the moon.  The launch is broadcast live all three networks beginning at 6 a.m. on KSAT Channel 12.

July 9 in San Antonio history…

Astronaut candidates for the Gemini and Apollo programs, including Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, Ed White and Pete Conrad, arrive at Brooks Air Force Base for physical examinations.

The Law Enforcement Committee of the Alamo Area Council of Governments is studying a proposal for a computer system to service the San Antonio Police Department, combining all Bexar County emergency communication units into one central location and also creating a regional crime laboratory.

Olmos Pharmacy is listed as item # 4392862742 for sale on eBay.

July 8 in San Antonio history…

The gradual elimination of horses and their replacement by motors in all city departments where feasible, is the aim of Mayor Bell. Under this plan no more fire horses will be purchased, but instead motor-driven apparatus will be provided as soon as the horses now in use die or become incapacitated. “It is not our intention to motorize the department at once,” said Mayor Bell, “but instead of buying m ore horses we will purchase tractors or small motor trucks as they may be needed. I believe this will materially increase the efficiency of the department and the cost, in the long run, will be less. In other departments I hope to see motors replace horses, where this is feasible.”

Details for a proposed commercial super airport for the San Antonio area were revealed today by John Gatti, representing the Research and Planning Council (RPC) at a meeting of the Alamo Area Council of Governments.  “Unless we act now,” Gatti said, “Bexar County will be left by the wayside.”

Frost Bros. introduces a charge card and a computerized billing system.

July 7 in San Antonio history…

WOAI radio places this ad in San Antonio newspapers (right).

A four-foot square piece of limestone was pried out of the wall of the KENS-TV building today.  Behind the stone was a time capsule consisting of four locked vaults.  They were placed there on July 7, 1956 during the dedication of the then-new home of KENS-TV and KENS Radio.  Susan Howard, who plays Donna Culver on the TV show “Dallas” was on hand to open the vaults.  Master of ceremonies was Joe Alston, better known as “Captain Gus.”

The 210 area code changes to include only San Antonio and Bexar County.Area codes 830 and 956 are added for areas north and south of San Antonio.

July 6 in San Antonio history…

Alexander Joske , President of Joske Brothers Co., has acquired from the Mercantile Building Co. for a cash consideration of $120,000, a lot fronting 45 feet on Commerce, 318 feet on N. Presa and 45 feet on Crockett streets.

Mayor Maury Maverick announced today that the operation of the chili stands on Haymarket Plaza by San Antonio’s “chili queens” would be suspended for ten days pending complete compliance with city health regulations.  The mayor visited the plaza last night and outlined his plan to place six stands on the plaza and and central sterilizing plant in the market house.

Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins give a news conference in Houston from inside a plastic enclosure to keep them away from germs carried by newsmen.  They announce that the Command ship to orbit the moon will be called “Columbia” and the lunar lander will be named “Eagle.”

July 3 in San Antonio history…

A city-wide celebration of the Fourth of July will be brought to a close at Brackenridge Park tomorrow night with a gigantic display of battlefield fireworks, all of which were designed for fighting in France.

Natural Bridge Caverns opens to the public.

The first film seized in San Antonio under the state’s new obscenity law is being held in the district attorney’s office today.  The movie “Office Party” was seized from the Studio Theater yesterday after a search warrant was obtained by Judge John Benavides.