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November 27 in San Antonio history…

The city first begins displaying Christmas lights along the Riverwalk.

The first Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner is held in San Antonio.

For the first time in the history of the event, heavy rain forces the cancellation of the Holiday River Parade after it begins.  Twelve floats made it down the river before the cancellation. Earlier in the evening, the 10,000 lights on the 55-foot white fir in Alamo Plaza were turned on.  The tree is decorated with silver and black ornaments as a tribute to the Spurs.


November 6 in San Antonio history…

The 11th annual International Fair at San Antonio was opened today by Gov. T. M. Campbell.  The ceremony followed a big street parade viewed by thousands of spectators.

1917 – World War I
The first minute inspection of Camp Travis’ grounds and buildings by Major General Henry T. Allen, division commander, and members of his staff, was made this morning.  They found the camp was deserving of the commendatory remarks passed by civilian visitors, who have been struck by its cleanliness.

KISS and Mott the Hoople perform at Municipal Auditorium

October 28 in San Antonio history…

1917 – World War I
The Mayor issues a proclamation “To Loyal San Antonio Women:”

Whereas, the President of the United States, has, through National Food Administrator Hoover, called on every loyal American woman to save food, and
Whereas, thousands of woman and children in Europe are suffering from hunger and unless we save our staple foods and eat as far as possible the more perishable foods our boys in France may go hungry and our own people be short of food.
Now, therefore, believing that it is our patriotic duty to help not only our country at this crisis but to aid suffering humanity, I, Sam C. Bell, mayor of San Antonio, do hereby urge every woman in this city to sign the Food Pledge Card, and to put in the front window the Food Membership Card, and above all to follow the instructions of the Home Card and save food.              SAM C. BELL

The Express-News dedicates its new building at the corner of Alamo and 3rd streets.

The rock band Rush plays their first concert in San Antonio at Randy’s Rodeo. Heyoka opens the show.

September 10 in San Antonio history…

Geronimo, along with 26 other members of the Chiricahua Apache tribe, is brought to Ft. Sam Houston after his surrender in Mexico.  He will be held here for about six weeks before being sent to Ft. Pickens in Pensacola, Florida

After thirty hours of isolation, it is reported that 1,000 to 3,000 people are dead from the massive hurricane that struck Galveston (right).  Four thousand buildings are reported destroyed, scores of vessels in the harbor are wrecked, cisterns are polluted with seawater and the city is in total darkness.

Casa de Sol, a halfway house located at 321 Frio City Road for people with a “drinking problem,” is dedicated today at 2 p.m.  The project, funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, was begun to help troubled individuals “stay off the bottle.”

September 5 in San Antonio history…

1917 – World War One
At 9:30 this morning, the first twelve men called from Bexar County, called into service in the National Army, met at the City National Bank, headquarters of Division 5 of the national exemption board.  After their enlistment, the men were allowed to depart, reporting again at noon and receiving the meal ticket provided by the government.  At 2:30 p.m.,  they were loaded onto a truck and carried to Camp Travis to begin basic training.

Robert Heyges, one of the stars of the new television show “Welcome Back Kotter,” visits San Antonio today to promote the show.  Co-starring with comedian Gabriel Kaplan, Hegyes plays the role of Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo de Hauvos Epstein, a Puerto Rican Jew who comes from a large family and is a remedial academic student, called a “sweathog” by other students.  The show will premiere on KSAT Channel 12 at 7:30 Tuesday (Sept. 9).

The mercury reaches 111 degrees – the hottest day in San Antonio history (right).

September 2 in San Antonio history…

World War I – 1917
The grimness of war was forgotten tonight when 3,000 uniformed men and an equal number of their ladies danced and promenaded for several hours in Travis Military park and on roped off sections of Pecan and Jefferson.

Classes begin for the first time at the brand new 1604 campus of UTSA.

Longtime San Antonio country & western radio station KBUC 107.5 FM switches formats to become a Spanish music station with call letters KZVE.  Well-known KBUC d.j.’s Bruce Hathaway, Ron Houston and Max Gardner are terminated, along with the rest of the staff.

August 16 in San Antonio history…

1917 – World War I
“So far as this office is concerned, saloons within half a mile of the Arsenal are closed and will remain closed for the duration of the war.” This was the comment made Wednesday at the office of the United States district attorney on efforts being made to reopen these saloons since the company of guardsmen at the Arsenal has been replaced with regulars.

The San Antonio Express-News reports that the alligator gardens at Brackenridge Park will be closing within the next two weeks.  George Kimbrell, who captured the alligators himself and has operated the garden for the last 23 years, will donate the alligators to the Alligator Gardens of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

San Antonians mourned the death of singer Elvis Presley, who died at age 42 at his home, Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee.

June 3 in San Antonio history…

1917 – World War I
A second training camp for reserve officers will be held at Leon Springs, near San Antonio, Texas, beginning August 27. This information was given out by the War Department this afternoon.

San Antonian Ed White becomes the first astronaut to “walk” in space when he opens the hatch of his Gemini 4 capsule and floats outside.

The Rolling Stones perform at Convention Center Arena, the first of two consecutive sold-out shows.

May 19 in San Antonio history…

1917 – World War I
The St. Anthony Hotel offers a “Khaki Night” of “Music, Dancing and Happiness” on their roof garden.  Cover charge is $1.50 and soldiers are specifically invited to wear their khaki uniforms.

The Texas Theater shows a one-night-only sneak preview of “Wings,” starring Clara Bow, Charles “Buddy” Rogers, Richard Arlen and Gary Cooper, before the official world premiere at the Criterion Theater in New York on August 12.  The motion picture was filmed in and around San Antonio and would win the first “Best Picture” Academy Award.

Nearly two months before the release of their second eponymous LP, Anglo-American band Fleetwood Mac, featuring new members Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, play a concert in Municipal Auditorium.

May 2 in San Antonio history…

1917 – World War I
Only 130 more men are required this morning to complete the list of 2,500 who are to be given training as reserve officers at the Leon Springs camp. 487 men were added yesterday and the list is expected to be complete by tonight.

Los Angeles Heights is the first suburb incorporated into the city.

Blue Öyster Cult makes their first appearance in San Antonio, between Bloodrock and headliner Trapeze, in the Municipal Auditorium.  Cowbell player Gene Frenkel (right) does not appear.