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June 26 in San Antonio history…

Beginning this morning, Bexar County women are able to obtain registration receipts to enable them to vote in the upcoming July primary.  The receipts must be obtained at the courthouse in the office of the tax collector.

19421999 champs
The War Department separated part of Kelly Field for an aviation cadet training center, later renaming it for Brig. Gen. Frank D. Lackland.

The San Antonio Spurs win their first NBA championship with a game five victory over the New York Knicks (right).


February 4 in San Antonio history…

1918 – World War I
J. M. Cook, a civilian, employed as a pumper at station No. 3, Camp Stanley, was shot in the left side of the face at 11 o’clock last night by an unidentified person who fired a revolver through a knothole in the pumphouse.  An automobile was seen to leave the vicinity of the pumphouse at high speed immediately after the shot was fired.  The bullet lodged in Mr. Cook’s jaw.

Final plans and specifications for initial buildings, site development and utility distribution system at the new University of Texas at San Antonio were approved by UT regents today.  Plans cover seven buildings encompassing 7000,000 gross square feet of floor space at an estimated cost of $36,522,000.

Solo Serve holds their final liquidation sale and closes after 80 years in business.

January 21 in San Antonio history…

1918 – World War I
Cadet Frank L. Seery of Evanston, Ill. was instantly killed and Cadet V. C. Dunham of Rochester, N. Y., received injuries from which he died an hour and a half later, in a collision of airplanes at Kelly Field at 10 a.m. this morning.

USAA dedicates their new Federal Savings Bank under construction. It is due to open Summer 1985.

Sixty-three years after Isadore Brenner opened the store as “Brenner’s” on Soledad Street, longtime San Antonio discount store Solo Serve files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

August 6 in San Antonio history…

1917 – World War I
Provision to protect harvesting from shortage of hands due to the mobilization of the National army has been made by the government in regulations going out to the exemption boards. Men needed in fields to complete harvesting will be permitted to remain at work until the need for them passes. Local boards will determine what men are necessary in this class.

Ground is broken for the new Central Library building at 600 Soledad Street.

Singer Kelly Willis plays a concert in Gruene Hall while her brother-in-law Charlie Robison plays the Cabaret in Bandera.

July 1 in San Antonio history…

1917 – World War I
Karl Robert Armin Ritter is now a member of the regular infantry stationed at Camp Wilson. This statement may appear very commonplace until one finds out who Armin Ritter is, and how many other roles he has played. Then it takes on an entirely different aspect. Ritter, in his 27 years of life, has in turn been a Texas cowboy, a trick rider, expert rifle shot and mock soldier with a German “Wild West” show, a war refugee, a cowboy again and finally a real soldier in the United States Army.

The San Antonio Texans, the Alamo City’s Canadian Football League franchise, wins their first-ever game, 47-24, over the Shreveport Pirates.  There are many real Texans on the team, including position coaches Guy Morriss and Bill Bradley, Phil Brown and Grady Cavness from Texas and Lance Teichelman from Texas A&M.

Radio station KCJZ 106.7 changes its format at midnight from the smooth jazz of Kenny G and the Rippingtons to the “Jammin’ Hits” format, heavy on R&B and dance music.

June 26 in San Antonio history…

World War I – 1917
On this day in 1917, the first 14,000 U.S. infantry troops land in France at the port of Saint Nazaire. The landing site had been kept secret because of the menace of German submarines, but by the time the Americans had lined up to take their first salute on French soil, an enthusiastic crowd had gathered to welcome them. However, the “Doughboys,” as the British referred to the green American troops, were untrained, ill-equipped, and far from ready for the difficulties of fighting along the Western Front.

Thirty-three veterans of the Spanish-American war join together to form Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 76, the first in the State of Texas (right).  Congratulations on your centennial!

The Spurs win their first NBA Championship in five games over the New York Knicks.

May 31 in San Antonio history…

1917 – World War I
The San Antonio newspapers report that Miss Katherine Stinson has returned to the city after spending the winter flying in Japan and China.

Randy’s Rodeo holds its grand opening featuring Johnny Bush.  Legendary acts such as Rush, U2 and the Sex Pistols would all play their first San Antonio gigs at Randy’s.

Sean Elliott hits the “Memorial Day Miracle” 3-point shot with 9.9 seconds remaining to lift the Spurs over the Portland Trailblazers, 86-85, in game two of the series.

December 9 in San Antonio history…

1965Charlie Brown 1965_grid
“A Charlie Brown Christmas” is first broadcast, at 6:30 on CBS (KENS Channel 5).

Mrs. Steve Nava, of 218 Wingate Street, becomes the first patient directly admitted to the new $17.5 million Bexar County Hospital (now University Hospital).

Neighborhoods are paralyzed, schools emptied and businesses shuttered after a tractor-trailer jackknifes and overturns, dumping nearly 5,000 gallons of hydrochloric acid onto a downtown freeway ramp.

August 16 in San Antonio history…

Donald “Donnie” Roan Dunagan is born in San Antonio.  Mr. Dunagan served 25 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and was promoted 13 times in 21 years, retiring with the rank of Major.  He was the Marine Corp’s youngest drill instructor.  He also served three tours in Vietnam and earned the Purple Heart three times and the Bronze Star. However, you may know him as thevoice of Walt Disney’s “Bambi.”

The river theater will be named the Arneson Open-Air Theater in honor of the late Edwin P. Arneson, if the city-accepts the suggestion of the San Antonio Technical Club. Mayor Maury Maverick announced today he had received resolutions adopted by this club asking that this honor be bestowed. The mayor said he presumed the city would accede to the request.

North East School District opens their first new high school since 1976 – Ronald Reagan High School – off Huebner Road north of Loop 1604.

June 26 in San Antonio history…

The Soledad Roof outdoor movie theater opens “on the banks of the San Antonio River where cool breezes blow.”  Along with motion pictures – music, dancing and live entertainment is offered. The rooftop theater is located on top of the building that would later house Solo Serve downtown.

Postmaster Dan Quill said the “master” number of the new ZIP code designations for San Antonio is 782.

19991999 champs
The San Antonio Spurs win their first NBA championship with a game five victory over the New York Knicks (right).