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May 10 in San Antonio history…

The King of Spain issues a royal cedula ordering that 400 families be transported from the Canary Islands for the purpose of establishing a civilian settlement in the vicinity of the Presidio de Bejar.

KELLEY-George-E.M.-Second-Lieutenant-U.S.-Army-in-Curtiss-Trainer-1911Lt. George E. Kelly (right) is killed in air crash at Camp Travis (flying Army Aeroplane #2 – a Curtiss Model D Type IV). Kelly Field and later Kelly Air Force Base would be named for him.

1917 – World War I
Conferees on the Army bill agreed today that the age limit for conscription shall be 21 to 30 years inclusive, in place of the 21 to 27 limits in the Senate bill and 21 to 40 in the House bill.  The measure will be reported to the two Houses for confirmation as soon as possible.