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November 10 in San Antonio history…

The entire west block of Military Plaza, including the Fashion Theater, is consumed by fire.

1917 – World War I
Carpentry and plumbing work on buildings at Camp Travis will be completed by tonight and the large force of carpenters and plumbers will be discharged, according to an announcement yesterday at Stone and Webster headquarters.  The steam fitters who are now completing the heating plants in various buildings will finish their work by November 24.

Ruth Brown (“Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean”) and Charles Brown (“Merry Christmas, Baby”) perform at the [Carver] Library Auditorium.


August 23 in San Antonio history…

The new bells, forming the St. Joseph’s church peal, were rung for the first time this morning.

1917 – World War I
The hottest temperature of the summer was reached today as the thermometer registered a peak of 104 degrees.

brooke_23Aug1985Brooke Shields appears at Dillard’s in Ingram Park Mall to promote “her new collection of Brooke Shields Jeanswear.”

August 4 in San Antonio history…

The City Council passes the “Bawdy House Ordinance,” legalizing and licensing houses of prostitution.

1917 – World War I
Camp Funston is being put in readiness for the four-day “battle,” in which the student officers will be engaged in during their last week at the camp. The strenuous work of the last few weeks has been allowed to slacken perceptibly but the men are by no means being permitted to “soften up” before the “grand finale.” The “war” will begin before daylight next Tuesday, when the two armies, the red and the blue, fully equipped, will be carried in motor trucks several miles out into the country.

A group of 150 business men this morning went on record as favoring the Roosevelt Avenue route for the proposed Highway 66.

April 24 in San Antonio history…

The first Battle of Flowers parade is held (right).

The first Fiesta Flambeau parade is held in San Antonio.

David Robinson scores 71 points against the Los Angeles Clippers to win the NBA scoring title over Shaquille O’Neal.  Robinson and George Gervin are the only Spurs players to win scoring titles.

April 20 in San Antonio history…

President Benjamin Harrison visits San Antonio during the inaugural Fiesta San Jacinto. He is the first President to visit the Alamo City.

Chet Atkins performs at Convention Center Banquet Hall.

Former Dallas Cowboy wide receiver, Drew Pearson, turns in his resignation as weekend sportscaster on KENS-TV.  “He felt he couldn’t devote the time necessary to become a top-flight sports anchor,” Gary DeLaune explained after substituting for Pearson on the 5 p.m. news.

August 27 in San Antonio history…

Since the passing of the ordinance on August 4, there are now 16 licensed “bawdy houses” or brothels in the city.

A flood of mail arrived at the mayor’s office protesting the removal of two murals, alleged to depict Communist symbols, from the walls of Municipal Auditorium. The mayor said they would stay down.

The city begins installing signs at intersections that are exceptions to the new state law permitting right turns on red lights that went into effect at midnight.  Right turns on red will be allowed at 642 intersections involving 2,300 approaches in San Antonio.


April 24 in San Antonio history…

The first Battle of Flowers parade is held.

The first Fiesta Flambeau parade is held in San Antonio.

“The Dreamweaver,” Gary Wright (right), performs at Municipal Auditorium.  Starcastle and Blackfoot open.

April 20 in San Antonio history…

President Benjamin Harrison visits San Antonio during the inaugural Fiesta San Jacinto. He is the first President to visit the Alamo City.

A Night in Old San Antonio will be presented by the Conservation society [for the first time] this evening at La Villita and along Villita St. The public is invited. At 6 p. m. a street market will be opened with booths and strolling musicians. Supper will be served at chili stands and chuck wagons at 6:30. At the same hour there will an exhibition of Spanish dancing.

The Whispers, Shalamar, Lakeside and Dynasty perform at Joe and Harry Freeman Coliseum.

January 3 in San Antonio history…

A “flying Jenny” has been located on N. Flores St. as near to the First Presbyterian Church as it is possible to get. [The Flying Jenny, also known as a “flying engine,” is a combination see-saw and merry-go-round first used in the Appalachian backwoods.]

Alamo Field was selected today as the first choice of the committee appointed to recommend a name for the new school stadium.  Chili Bowl, the favorite name of the majority of citizens who signified a preference by writing in to the school board was not included on the list. Some names recommended after a two-hour meeting included : Alamo Field, Alta Vista Stadium, Bexar Bowl, Blue Bonnet Field, Cactus Field, Fiesta Bowl, Huisache Bowl, Laurel Field, Mission Stadium, San Antonio Stadium and Hollers Field, the latter in honor of Dr. James P. Hollers, president of the school board, whose efforts brought about the stadium’s construction.
It was also suggested that if such a name as Alamo Field be selected, that the sections be named after Texas heroes instead of being numbered.
[The stadium would be officially named, and is still, Alamo Stadium.  The sections are numbered. – Ed.]

The Broadway Theater closes.

December 21 in San Antonio history…

The Coming Man

A pair of very chubby legs,
Encased in scarlet hose;
A pair of little chubby boots
With rather doubtful toes;
A little kilt, a little coat
Cut as a mother can –
And low before us stands in state
The future’s coming man

His eyes, perchance, will read the stars
And search their unknown ways;
Perchance the human heart and soul
Will open to their gaze;
Perchance their keen and flashing glance
Will be nation’s light –
Those eyes that now are wistful bent
On some big fellow’s kite.

Those hands – those busy little hands
So sticky, small and brown;
Those hands, whose only mission seems
To pull all order down,
Who knows what hidden strength may be
Hidden within their clasp,
Though now ‘tis but a taffy stick
In sturdy hold they grasp.

Ah, blessings on those little hands,
Whose work is yet undone!
And blessings on those little feet,
Whose race is yet unrun!
And blessings on the little brain
That has not learned to plan!
What’er the future holds in store,
God bless the coming man!

Somerville Journal, reprinted in the San Antonio Daily Light, Dec. 21, 1891

The low bid of $869,393 by F. L. Scott and Son, San Antonio general contractors, for the new South San Antonio senior high school was accepted by district trustees.  Construction is due to start Jan. 3.

Construction crews ripped down the first chunks of a concrete wall today to begin the restoration of Milam Park.  When the three-phase, $700,000  restoration of the park is complete, it will contain a wrought-iron and copper pavilion donated by the residents of the Mexican state of Jalisco and the city of Guadalajara, along with a children’s playground, a jogging path, picnic areas, landscaping and lighting.