September 22 in San Antonio history…

1918 – World War I
The San Antonio Light reports that last Monday a Kelly Field flyer, who had been lost in the clouds, flew low over a settlement and circled around the depot trying to read the name of the town.  He failed to see a large telephone pole, crashing into it and falling to ground.  The aviator only received a few scratches but Marion was without telephone service for several hours.

Autograph hunters stormed the special train of the Hollywood bond cavalcade as 17 of the nation’s top screen stars arrived in San Antonio to boost sales in the Bexar County war loan drive.  They all rode in separate jeeps down the Fiesta parade route.  Stars included:  Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Lucille Ball, Kathryn Grayson, Deanna Durbin, Harpo Marx, Greer Garson, Jose Iturbi and Kay Kyser with his Kollege of Musical Knowledge.  They all performed in a revue at Municipal Auditorium.  The price of admission was the purchase of a $25 (or greater) war bond.

Trout Fishing in America plays Cibolo Creek Country Club.


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