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February 8 in San Antonio history…

1918 – World War I
The United States Army resumes publication of the military newsletter Stars and Stripes. Begun as a newsletter for Union soldiers during the American Civil War, Stars and Stripes will be published weekly during World War I from February 8, 1918, until June 13, 1919. The newspaper is to be distributed to American soldiers dispersed across the Western Front to keep them unified and informed about the overall war effort and America’s part in it, as well as supply them with news from the home front.
The front page of the newspaper’s first World War I issue features A Message from Our Chief, a short valedictory from General John J. Pershing, commander in chief of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF): The paper, written by the men in the service, should speak the thoughts of the new American army and the American people from whom the army has been drawn. It is your paper. Good luck to it.

Forcing the town night watchman to accompany them at the point of pistols, and after cutting all telephone wires leading out of the place, four heavily armed robbers today tunneled their way into the vault.of the Boerne State Bank at Boerne, Kendall County, and stole $10,000 worth of liberty bonds and $500 in small change.  Investigation of the robbery this morning by authorities at Boerne, and by a squad of police under Chief of Police Mussey. who rushed to Boerne from San Antonio as soon as the robbery was reported, shows that the looting of the bank was undoubtedly done by the same gang which on Jan. 10 last, broke into and looted the First National and the State Bank of Hondo of $20,000.

An Amtrak train derails after crashing into a flat car which had derailed from a freight train moments before.  After the crash, all three Amtrak engines derailed, plunging down an embankment and onto Austin Street. The passenger train, The Sunset Limited, was Los Angeles bound.  The lead locomotive nearly crashed into a building, damaging an automobile nearby.