July 16 in San Antonio history…

Japanese Monument to The Heroes of the Alamo
Prof. Shigetaka Shiga, eminent Japanese author who composed a poem honoring Alamo dead, announced a September visit to San Antonio to erect a stone monument inscribed with his poem (right).

1917 – World War I
Local authorities believe that a rash of fires recently may have been started by German spies or sympathizers.  On July 10, a mysterious fire broke out in the plant of the Southern Macaroni Company, near the lower I. & G. N. Railroad yards. This concern has a contract to furnish the government with approximately 50,000 pounds of
macaroni. The night of the fire. The fire broke out in the midst of 9,500 pounds of the product which had been prepared and was scheduled to be delivered the following day. Investigation showed the lock of one of the doors had been sawed to gain an entrance to the place.

Leslie Tillett was at a reception in San Antonio speaking to the “Friends of the Tillett Tapestry” about his creation, a 100 by 3 foot tapestry he created, depicting Cortes’s conquest of Mexico.  He was hoping to sell it for $200,000 as a “gift to the city.”  Ultimately, it was not purchased and went on display elsewhere.


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