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April 5 in San Antonio history…

1917-World War I
The U.S. Senate passes the war resolution against Germany by a vote of 82 to 6.  The resolution is expected to pass the House today also.

The San Antonio Light reports that Joske’s, Wolff & Marx and Wolfson’s clothing stores have been asked by the Navy Department to permit the opening of recruiting stations in their stores during April 9 – 14 for “Naval Recruiting Week.”  Chief C. O. Evans, chief of local recruiting, has suggested that citizens with automobiles can help by going out into the nearby countryside and bringing to San Antonio any young men desiring to enlist.

The Bexar County [Freeman] Coliseum was desegregated on the order of the board of managers. An announcement declared that there would be no discrimination “based on race, color or creed of persons lawfully on the Coliseum premises.”