July 20 in San Antonio history…

The San Antonio Light remarks on the growing popularity of wristwatches due to their usage by soldiers:  “Jewelers in San Antonio and all over Texas see a big business in wrist watches ahead of them and are placing heavy orders with the manufacturers. Christmas time will see the folks at home buying every soldier boy a wrist watch. Then every boy who is not a soldier will have to have one, too.”

First steps toward the filming in San Antonio of the $500,000 picture “Wings” were taken today when representatives of the famous Player-Lansky Corp. left to inspect Camp Bullis and Camp Stanley.

Speeders and abusers of gas ration privileges were given notice today by the Bexar county ration board that offenders will be punished. Fifteen people had their rations suspended in one morning by vote of the board, according to Robert A. Hall, chief clerk of the gasoline panel. One of the offenders was a speeding cab driver who had his rations taken away for 30 days.


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