February 9 in San Antonio history…

”Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a fire next door. There’s no danger and I want all of you to file out just as orderly and quietly as possible.” When A. W. Nelson. manager of the Liberty Theater on East Houston Street made this announcement to a crowded house,, the audience seemed to rise simultaneously but all got out without as much as a scratch and the operator of the moving picture machine kept the pictures going on the screen until the last patron had cleared the front entrance.

Airman Donald Farrell is sealed in a cramped steel chamber at the School of Aviation Medicine, Randolph AFB, to simulate a space flight. The air pressure is half of what it is at sea level and Airman Farrell cannot stand up nor lie down. His test lasts for seven days.

San Antonio  inventor Don P. Dixon of San Antonio, Texas filed and was ultimately granted a patent for the first air conditioning units specifically designed for the VW Beetle, which are soon offered by US dealerships.  He opens DPD Manufacturing at 504 E. Josephine to produce these units.

Bernard Harris, Jr., a 1974 graduate of San Antonio’s Sam Houston High School, becomes the first African-American to perform an EVA (spacewalk) during the second of his two flights aboard the Space Shuttle.


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