December 21 in San Antonio history…

The Coming Man

A pair of very chubby legs,
Encased in scarlet hose;
A pair of little chubby boots
With rather doubtful toes;
A little kilt, a little coat
Cut as a mother can –
And low before us stands in state
The future’s coming man

His eyes, perchance, will read the stars
And search their unknown ways;
Perchance the human heart and soul
Will open to their gaze;
Perchance their keen and flashing glance
Will be nation’s light –
Those eyes that now are wistful bent
On some big fellow’s kite.

Those hands – those busy little hands
So sticky, small and brown;
Those hands, whose only mission seems
To pull all order down,
Who knows what hidden strength may be
Hidden within their clasp,
Though now ‘tis but a taffy stick
In sturdy hold they grasp.

Ah, blessings on those little hands,
Whose work is yet undone!
And blessings on those little feet,
Whose race is yet unrun!
And blessings on the little brain
That has not learned to plan!
What’er the future holds in store,
God bless the coming man!

Somerville Journal, reprinted in the San Antonio Daily Light, Dec. 21, 1891

The low bid of $869,393 by F. L. Scott and Son, San Antonio general contractors, for the new South San Antonio senior high school was accepted by district trustees.  Construction is due to start Jan. 3.

Construction crews ripped down the first chunks of a concrete wall today to begin the restoration of Milam Park.  When the three-phase, $700,000  restoration of the park is complete, it will contain a wrought-iron and copper pavilion donated by the residents of the Mexican state of Jalisco and the city of Guadalajara, along with a children’s playground, a jogging path, picnic areas, landscaping and lighting.


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