December 4 in San Antonio history…

1899 brackenridge
The city is given the gift of present-day Brackenridge Park by George W. Brackenridge.

U.S. Rep Henry B. Gonzales punches a patron at Earl Abel’s for calling him a communist.

The 102-year old Karotkin Building, undergoing renovations to be converted into a hotel, collapses. injuring two construction workers who were integrating the wall into a new boutique hotel.
A facade was all that remained of the Karotkin Building, whose other walls were demolished earlier this year to make way for the new hotel. Located three blocks from the Alamo in downtown San Antonio, the Renaissance revival building was erected in 1900 and was used as a furniture store from 1924-1979. The Karotkin Building, listed as one of San Antonio’s historically significant structures, was the city’s last example of architect Solon L. McAdoo’s commercial designs.
Hotel developer Patrick J. Kennedy bought the four-story building in 1992, hoping to construct a seven-story spa and hotel in its place. Kennedy’s team planned to restore the original brick-and-terra-cotta facade that was covered by metal and plaster in 1968.

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