November 25 in San Antonio history…

World War I -1915
Heinie Schultz, a private in the German army, reached New York today from Rotterdam—a deserter and a stowaway aboard the Dutch steamer Noorderdyk. He wore a uniform which bore the earth stains of the trenches of war, said he had grown weary of war and asked the customs men to let him enter the United States so that he would have to fight no more.

San Antonio Transit Co. workmen began to clear Tech field in preparation for the company’s construction of a new maintenance shop and garage facilities. This ends all hopes of the San Antonio Missions using the area as a playing field in 1947.

Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson cited 2,100 Jefferson High School students as “trustees of freedom” in a San Antonio speech keyed to Thanksgiving. He said he was thankful for the youth of the land.

The City Council gave brief consideration to a resolution that would urge merchants to stay closed on Sundays.  The resolution died when Mayor McAllister failed to ask for a seconding. Jack Martin, president of the San Antonio Building Trades Council, predicted San Antonio’s economy “will fall” if it is based on a seven-day week. “There is something wrong with the moral fiber of this community if we must work seven days a week,” he said.


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