October 29 in San Antonio history…

World War I -1915
E. D. Steger of Bonham estimates that Texas has shipped 50,000 tons of hay and 25,000 horses to the Allies.  Steger has many large war contracts.

Syrus Edwards, a 13-year old boy, was arrested yesterday by Motorcycle Policeman Flores on Zarzamora Street for having exceeded the speed limit of 30 miles per hour.  The court today warned the boy’s father that it was against the law for the boy to operate an automobile due to a traffic ordinance that states that no one under 16 years old is to be issued a chauffeur’s license.  A fine of $5 was imposed by the court, but was suspended.

The Express-News dedicates its new building at the corner of Avenue E and 3rd streets (right).  The day is inauspicious due to the second day of panic selling on Wall Street.  The stock market crash reaches its crescendo today and will come to be known as “Black Tuesday.”

City Councilman Joe Alderete throws a switch closing the flood gates at Woodlawn Lake marking the completion of a two-year, $750,000 program to improve the once-popular facility that had fallen into disrepair.




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