October 25 in San Antonio history…

World War I – 1915
Señor Elisco Arredondo, confidential representative at Washington of First Chief Carranza, reached the city this morning on the International and Great Northern Railroad.  He delivered an address at the St. Anthony Hotel, in which he said, “The recognition Of First Chief Carranza by the governments uf the United States and practically all those of South America means the speedy pacification of Mexico and the return of prosperity and safety to our country. It means that the erstwhile following of General Villa and other chiefs at the head of armed groups will surrender to Constitutionalist General Alvaro Obregon just as soon as General Obregon invades their territory.”  Arredondo took a train bound for Piedras Negras at 11 o’clock.

An early morning fire at Travis Park Methodist Church caused an estimated $75,000 damage to the downtown landmark.

The legendary Etta James plays Eastwood Country Club.

Alamo Toyota advertises a Shelby-modified 1967 Toyota 2000GT for sale for $9,750 ($42,353.96 in today’s money.)  Even if the car was not one of the three actual Shelby models, the price would have been a bargain.  It would be worth over $1 million today.


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