September 24 in San Antonio history…

The big Locomobile, to be used by Fire Chief Phil Wright, reached San Antonio today via the International and Great Northern Railroad.  Chief Wright is said to be as proud of it as “a schoolboy with his first pair of red top boots.”  He said, “…that machine is one of the most modern things on the market.  At the fire chief’s convention a few weeks ago at Syracuse, N.Y., the test showed that the car is capable of a mile per minute on a good road.  Take it from me, there is speed to burn in that machine.  In fact, there is too much speed.”  [Chief Will Bishop would be killed in this car when struck by a fire engine on Dec. 31, 1917.  The car was thrown through the window of Joske’s as both vehicles were speeding to a fire.]

San Antonians were debating who won the first of the “Great Debates” between Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, the first confrontation between presidential candidates since the Nixon-Kennedy clashes in 1960.

San Antonio Archbishop Francis Furey and Vicar General Monsignor William C. Martin travel to Rome for the archbishop’s official visit and report to the Vatican and Pope John Paul I.  The meeting is scheduled to take place October 6.  [Pope John Paul I will die in his sleep on September 28, only 33 days after becoming Pope and eight days before the meeting with Archbishop Furey.]


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