August 28 in San Antonio history…

World War I – 1915
At a joint meeting of the City and County Commissioners, it is announced that the contract to erect the new Robert B. Green Memorial Hospital has been awarded to H. N. Jones Construction Company at a cost of $200,092.  It is also announced that the operating room will be fully furnished with a gift from Alex Joske, of the Joske Bros. Company.

Pope Pius IX creates the San Antonio Catholic diocese as part of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

Edgewood and Alamo Heights school districts decide to integrate on this day, the same day that Emmett Till is murdered in Mississippi.  San Antonio School Superintendent Thomas Portwood said he was “going ahead with plans” to integrate white and Negro students during the approaching school term.

San Antonio School Superintendent Thomas Portwood announced that the school cafeterias are considering raising the price of a hamburger from a dime to 12 or even 15 cents.  Portwood asserted the price of the system’s best bargain will remain the same, however.  “A child will be able to get a bowl of beans for 5 cents.  He can get bread free and a half-pint of milk for another 5 cents.  Then, he can get something else for a nickel and he will have a good lunch for 15 cents.  In fact, he can get by for a dime.  Those beans are good, red beans.  I like ’em myself.”


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