July 13 in San Antonio history…

The San Antonio Daily Herald newspaper ceases publication.

John Dunning, a math major from the University of Texas, outmaneuvered 25 chess players today to win the City Chess Championship at the Bluebonnet Hotel. Dunning, 20, dueled Blake Stevens, former city and state chess champion for three and one-half hours before the game ended in a draw. Dunning was named city champion, because he had faced tougher competition during the two-day contest. They split the first and second prize money of $30 and $22.

Texas’s own Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble play a show in the Majestic Theater.  Duke Jupiter (from Rochester, New York) opens.


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  1. 1969 – John Dunning and Blake Stevens split the first and second prize money from the City Chess Championship. Each received a whopping $26.00. Today, that wouldn’t even pay the entry fee…maybe a bottle of water and a pastry, but that’s about it.
    Times have really changed.

  2. Adjusted for inflation, $26 in 1969 dollars has the same worth as $168.47 today. That will buy a few pastries!

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