July 1 in San Antonio history…

Rainfall in San Antonio, has caused the McKenzie Construction Company to postpone excavation of dirt from freeway underpasses until Monday.  J. F. Snelling, superintendent, said,  3,000,000 gallons of water collected in three excavation areas, standing as high as eight feet in the proposed Brooklyn, San Pedro and Main underpasses.  They hope to have the San Pedro bridge open to the public by August 3, the McCullough bridge by Oct. 3 and the Main bridge by Dec. 15.  It’s too early to set a date for the Brooklyn and Lexington bridges.  The project is due to be completed by July 1954.

Star Wars debuts in San Antonio at the Wonder Theater (ABC Interstate) and the Century South 6 (Santikos).

Demolition of HemisFair Arena officially begins.  The graduation ceremony for the Thomas Jefferson High School Class of 1995 was the last public event held in the old arena.


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  1. 1953 . . . . and the water STILL collects at these underpasses. One would think, after 62 years, they could figure out how to quickly drain the water from these locations.

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