April 22 in San Antonio history…

1915 – World War I
The German government submits this warning to run in American newspapers.  Unfortunately, the RMS Lusitania left port the day before.


Travellers intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that, in accordance with formal notice given by the Imperial German Government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or any of her allies, are liable to destruction in those waters and that travellers sailing in the war zone on the ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk.

Washington, D.C. 22nd April 1915

While construction continues on the new church building at the corner of Richmond Avenue and E. Quincy Street, Pastor R. E. White said that he will continue to hold services in a tent adjacent to the new building.  The name of the church, which has been located at 728 Main Avenue, will be changed to Richmond Avenue Baptist Church upon completion.

RepublicBank receives a permit from city council to demolish the Texas Theater.  The Conservation Society receives a federal court order to delay the demolition for 60 days.

The West stage at La Semana Alegre tonight features C+C Music Factory, Information Society, Will to Power, and Passing Strangers. The East stage features Emilio Navaira, La Fiebre, and The Shelly Lares Band


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