March 20 in San Antonio history…

1915 – World War I
After a de facto truce of more than 24 hours, French forces resumed artillery shelling of German troops in the Argonne.

British band Queen makes their first and only appearance in San Antonio at Municipal Auditorium with Brownsville Station and Al Stewart opening.

Damian Garcia, along with two others, scale the walls of the Alamo and raise a red flag in defiance of the symbol of Texas revolution and the “theft of Mexican land.”  They were members of the  of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.

Work begins on Convention Plaza, a TriParty job that closed Alamo and Losoya between Market and Commerce streets, slowing traffic to an average speed of 1 mph.  Commerce Street is reduced to two lanes from Alamo to about a half- block east.  A police officer doing his best to direct the snail’s pace traffic at Losoya said the traffic was the worst he had seen at the intersection.  “I’ve been out here since 10 in the moring,” the officer said.  “This is pretty bad.  Just wait till we have a Spurs game.”


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