September 27 in San Antonio history…

The first issue of the San Antonio Express newspaper is published.

The cornerstone of the newly renovated San Fernando Cathedral is laid.

The San Antonio Express announces that President John F. Kennedy will visit San Antonio in November to dedicate the Aerospace Medical Center complex at Brooks AFB.


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  1. That sounds to be a highly.interesting day for San Antonio. I majored in communications/journalism, yet would never have guessed
    the San Antonio Light was first published as early as 1865. Also, 1963 was a seminal year for Kennedy as the country batttled over. the Civil Rights movement. So, it is curious
    to think of him in this city on an unrelated but equally venerable mission.

  2. The San Antonio Light was first published in 1881. The Express began in 1865.
    Kennedy made a visit to San Antonio on Nov. 21, 1963, the day before he was assassinated in Dallas.

  3. Oh, I see. Thanks! It would be fun to look through some of the oldest examples of both papers. On microfiche at Trinity University Coates Library?
    Also, I should have recalled Kennedy was in San Antonio the day before the assassination. I wonder about the reactions of San Antonians then, being relatively close to the site at which it occurred. Also, is there any possibility at all that the assassination could potentially have occurred in San Antonio?
    History seems to be so arbitrary at times. I would have felt immensely honored to be one of the San Antonians who crossed paths with Kennedy the day before his death. Almost 50 years ago!

  4. The San Antonio Central Library downtown has the San Antonio Express, San Antonio News and the San Antonio Light on reel microfilm for you to browse.

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