Happy 110th birthday San Antonio Public Library!

Happy 110th birthday San Antonio Public Library!

The San Antonio Public Library is celebrating its 110th birthday this summer and we want you to be a part of the celebration!
Share the love and leave us a message below. Have a favorite branch? A service you use more than any other? Let us know – and thank you for allowing all of us to be a part of your community!

A message from Mayor Julian Castro:
For 110 years, the San Antonio Public Library has been the city’s lifeline to literacy, freedom of speech, community, and innovation. As cities across the country have made the difficult decision to either close branches or reduce hours, I am proud to say that the San Antonio Public Library is growing. Its relevance to the community and its role in our educational and economic development is critical to our citizens. Congratulations to the staff of the Library. Here’s to 110 more!


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  1. The San Antonio Public Library is one of the best in the nation! YEAH!

  2. I love the e-audio books to put on my phone to listen to in the car as well as the “reserve” online service so I can pick my books online and pick them up at my wonderful Igo branch library when I get an email that the books (or CDs) are there. I also see tons of children’s library books moving through my grandchildren’s hands. Thank you, SA Public Library

  3. Congratulations on 110 years of service to the San Antonio community! You are my favorite pastime! From your online reserve book service and ebooks, I can fit my love of books into my busy schedule. I want to extend a big appreciative “Thank You” to all of the librarians for their assistance and hard work over the years!

  4. Congratulations, SAPL! What you do in all your departments and branches matters to our city. Thanks for using limited resources to keep up with technology, acquisitions of all kinds of materials and for devising new ways of bringing your services to people all over the city. Love Today in History, Wowbrary and the staff of the Texana/Genealogy Room and at every branch I’ve ever visited — keep up the great work!

  5. Congratulations and Happy Birthday SAPL. Thanks for all you do for our community.

  6. I read every Encyclopedia Brown, Calvin and Hobbs, and Peanuts book as a kid at Cortez Library. Thank you, SAPL for a wonderful system of libraries and helping making communities thrive for over 100 years. Happy Birthday!

  7. You guys do such a great job. Thank you for all the awesome services and programs. Happy Birthday!

  8. Julie Purnell

    I LOVE The SA Library system. I am grateful for it and how all the services expand my world. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  9. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!

  10. Happy birthday, SAPL! Here’s to 110 more.

  11. Happy birthday! Without the San Antonio Library, we couldn’t have done research for jobs or school. Thank you for all your help!

  12. Rita Kay Driggers

    As a retired librarian, I love libraries, and I especially love having a new library (Parman Stone Oak) in my neighborhood. I love being able to reserve books online and be notified when they are ready. I also love being able to download audiobooks to my smartphone and just recently to freeze my holds so they do not come available while I am out of town.

  13. Deontay Carter

    well as a temporary staff member, i have seen many people come in and out of the library. Each SAPL branch serves as a place where people can feel safe and also gain knowledge and information that they can take and apply to there everyday life. Not only is it a place for information but it is also a place filled with ideas and the creativity of many different writers who willl inspire such wonderful minds. Thank you SAPL for everything you do for the community.

  14. Deontay Carter

    ps. i love the Guerra branch library on military drive the staff is amazing.

  15. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! :o)

  16. Congrats SAPL!!! I’ve been a user for 17 of those 110 and volunteering with y’all for 16. I’m amazed at all that is offered, and equally amazed that more people don’t know what they’re missing. Kudos to the libraries, just please don’t blow out the candles too hard! Here’s to 110 more, not that I’ll be around.

  17. Happiest of Birthdays to you SAPL! You’re a wonderful cornerstone to our community!

  18. My family LOVES the San Antonio Public Library! Our favorite branches are Landa and Brookhollow but, really, I can’t think of one branch we’ve visited that we didn’t love.

    Happy 110th birthday!

  19. marilyn oneal

    Love the SAPL! it enriches our lives in so many ways.

  20. Public libraries are an invaluable resource for the community. Happy birthday, San Antonio library!

  21. Polly Rodriguez

    WOW! 110 YEARS. I am not a S.A. native, moved here in ’89. Would love to read on the BEGINNINGS of the San Antonio Public Library.
    Here’s wishing munchos munchos anios mas.Would love to be part of the SAPL.

  22. I use the Semmes Branch. The librarians are always friendly and helpful.
    Love the service of reserving books, DVD’s, etc online and getting notified when they are ready for pickup.

  23. I’ve lived in several other cities and our SAPL system is the best of them all. Love my library!

  24. Happy Birthday SAPL!! If I wasn’t for mission Branch opening around the corner my 3 lil ones wouldn’t love to read. Thank you so much for being a part of the communtity. For another 110 years sapl.

  25. Happy Birthday SAPL.A great resource for the community.Innovative and continually evolving to provide excellent services.My daughter and I have fond memories of visiting Johnston Library and as a former educator appreciate the many programs that promote literacy.Your Children Librarians are great!!!

  26. ann mcallister

    Happy Birthday, dear Library,
    I love you!!!

  27. Happy Birthday San Antonio Public Library! I can’t say that I have been a patron for all 110 years, but it has been a long time. Thank you for always being there and continuing to evolve!

  28. Happy Birthday Mysapl You guys at IGO Library are awesome thank you for all your help thru the years!

  29. I lived in a rural area in Bexar County and we really looked forward to the Bookmobile when it came to our school. I’m now 76 yrs. of age and download books to my Nook! So many changes but I still love to read!!!

  30. Christina Gonzalez

    I love the San Antonio Public Library system. Thank you to all of the city employees who make each visit such a pleasure!

  31. Brook Hollow is our library of choice.Love the online requesting.I have a hectic schedule and love being to walk-in grab my reserved books and check-out.

  32. I really don’t know what I would do without the San Antonio Public Library. And I’m sure my sister feels the same way.

  33. Happy birthday. thanks for been a huge resource center.

  34. Our favorite branch is the GNW! We love all the children’s programs. Cari Raley is the best!

  35. i love the online service of searching for music, etc. and putting on hold for pickup, thank you!

  36. Happy Birthday, SAPL! I have always loved libraries and now I am one of those lucky people who gets to work in one! Public libraries ROCK & Parman at Stone Oak is the best branch in town!

  37. Pamela Thompson

    I love the Pruitt Library at Roosevelt High School! Awesome staff and a great place to be. Thanks to NEISD and SAPL for working together to bring a branch library to the Walzem/Eisenhauer area. We love and appreciate it greatly! Happy Birthday!

  38. Congratulations. have been in San Antonio for over 10 years and love the library system here. Especially the Central Library! Happy Birthday!

  39. Love the folks at Landa Library! You make the library into a welcoming home for all!

  40. Happy Birthday!!! And many books to come!!

  41. Holly Iragorri

    Love my library. Happy Birthday.

  42. Abella Lazalde

    Happy Birthday to the SAPL!!! Congrats!!!! Thank you to all you have done for our community!

  43. Anna S Jimenez

    One of the reasons I live in San Antonio is SAPL! Perfect? No. Improving constantly? Yes! I usually go to the Carver branch. Great, helpful staff and also friendly! They are encouraging me to learn about and use ebooks and downloadable content…

  44. Thanks to everyone at the San Antonio Library. Congrats!

  45. Happy birthday/anniversary SAPL! Thanks for all the reading/viewing/listening material that the library provides!

  46. Semmes library is the greatest. Thanks for all the great service.

  47. Thank you so much for your services. You are the biggest help.

  48. I appreciate you, SAPL!!!!

  49. Brook Hollow Rocks – happy 10th to one and all!

  50. Bet wishes and happy 100th

  51. Rita C. Ortiz

    i was in junior high when I first got my Library card. I needed it to check out books for book reports. 40 years later I still have a card. I always have books on hold because I can’t go a day without reading. My favorite spot is The McCreless Library.

  52. Happy Birthday SAPL! Here’s to another 110 years of service!

  53. Thanks for purchasing many books our children have requested! Happy Birthday!

  54. Happy 110 and best wishes for many more years, SAPL! Johnston Library and staff are the best!

  55. Tina Valladares

    Happy birthday SAPL! I love not only for your books, DVDs and CDs but every library building is different and unique. I like going to different ones and read in different environment. I like Igo because of its beauties and simplicity. Thanks

  56. Leobardo Mendez

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday SAPL.

  57. Stephen Alonzo

    Congrats! keep doing a great job and hopefully we will see another 110 yrs. “hooray” pops noise maker

  58. Debra Guerrero

    Feliz Cumpleaños to my San Antonio Public Library!

  59. Love the Central and all the branch libraries and their staffs! Many happy returns!

  60. Happy, Happy Birthday, SAPL! Cheers to you, your services, your outreach and your efforts to make this city a better and more educated place. To the staff, know you are appreciated and necessary. To my fellow patrons, let’s continue to visit and make use of all this educational beacon has to offer. Kudos to the Central, Landa and Brook Hollow staff!

  61. Growing up at the Landa and San Pedro Libraries…summer days laying on the cool redondo tile floors, getting lost in the stacks of books I’d pulled from the shelves….I relished the day I would learn to read!!!

  62. Happy 110th! Hope there are at least 110 more! Karen

  63. Esperanza Sonnen

    Happy Birthday SAPL – I have enjoyed working with the public library

  64. I am proud of our 110 years of service to the community, and I am just as proud of all of our staff for their role in transforming our communities through the power of information, imagination and ideas.

  65. Lou Georgieff

    Although I seldom use the library, my branch is 1 mile away. I was able to use it several years ago to find details about my grandfather emigrating from Bulgaria, in 1910, to Canada, then to the US in 1913. The library ordered the microfiche from Canada, then I had to go to the Central library to view and print information. What a great institution! Happy Birthday!!!

  66. Glenda Shipley


  67. Barbara Taylo

    Happy Birthday Love the people at the Semmes branch. Only been downtown a couple of times but really enjoyed the help I received and the wonderful displays. I live out in the country near China Grove now but still try to get in to visit the Semmes branch as often as I can.

  68. Happy 110th Birthday to the San Antonio Public Library! Love, all of your friends at the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce!

  69. Cynthia Vasquez

    Happy Birthday! So many great years and so many more to come. Being a part of the SAPL family has been a joy for me as well as my family. From my daughter who followed my footsteps to be a part of this family to my son who so enjoys the teen programs provided by the San Antonio Public Library. Thank You.

  70. ¡Feliz cumpleaños! I can’t get over how SAPL has evolved during the 25 years I was in exile in the North. It’s wonderful to come back and see all the things it does.

  71. Gina Lumbrera

    Happy Birthday SAPL!!!! My twins and I will be seeing you quite often. Here’s to another 110 years !!!!

  72. Happy Birthday SAPL! The library always has cool stuff to read.

  73. Terri Siler- Khodr

    Happy 110 — and many, many more

  74. Happy Birthday, SAPL! You have been a huge part of my life, as well as my children’s lives. We continue to learn and grow because of the many programs, vast selection of books and media, and friendly folks who make the library system what it is. Congratulations, and here’s to 110+ more years!

  75. Desiree Bracy

    110 years of providing the city of San Antonio with the greatest amount of vast and interesting topics that have stretch across time and space giving our minds endless possibilities. Here’s to 110 more years!

  76. San Antonio’s public library system is a true treasure for our city. You touch lives every day with truly noble work. Happy Birthday and congratulations on a job well done.

  77. Jeremy Klein, Tutor.com

    Congratulations on reaching such an amazing milestone! You are a true leader in the library world.

  78. Carlos Carmona

    Incredible! 110 years young! Thank you for the countless hours of joy and knowledge you have brought so many! Here’s to another 110 years!

  79. Happy 110 Birthday!! Thank you for the great service you provide for our community. Felicidades!

  80. Barbara Palcewski

    Happy Birthday to a great friend!

  81. Libraries have filled my life with books and the books have completed my life with joys of travel, mysteries, fairy dust, and so much more! Happy, Happy Birthday and I wish you at least 110 more celebrations and being available to assist others and add to their lives!

  82. So proud of you all at SAPL! I am certain you will continue to serve and do your best for all in the next 110 years. Happy, happy birthday….it’s my privilege to work with all of you.

  83. Congratulations!!! I’ve loved reading since I was a child! Thank you for inspiring myself and also my children. Take care!

  84. Love the delivery service to branch libraries!

  85. from the downtown Library to the beautiful new Mission Branch we have so many treasures. Thanks for the gifts you give our city SAPL!

  86. Greatest Library ever! I have been going to my neighborhood library branch since I was a little girl. These were among the best experiences of my childhood. So thank you San Antonio Public Library. Happy 110th Birthday!!! May you keep providing great experiences for children and adults for many years to come.

  87. Thelma Guadarrama

    Our San Antonio Libraries are AWESOME! Enjoy every minute when I go. My children grew up going and reading library books. Thanks San Antonio for caring!!!

  88. I love my San Antonio Public Library. The web site is so convenient with a wealth of information. This is one site I visit daily as I especially enjoy the San Antonio history column. I am proud to be a part of such a fantastic and awesome system. Many thanks to those that make our San Antonio Public Library one of the best in Texas.

  89. Thank you SAPL for taking me places I’ve never been, showing me things I’ve never seen & giving me the knowledge I’ve only dreamed of.

  90. Angelika Jansen

    Thank you and congratulations. Waking up every morning with the glorious Main library in view, I am reminded, how lucky we are to have such a beautiful building housing knowledge and of our responsibility to bring it to everybody.

  91. madamsrocks@live.com

    I don’t know what I would do without you SAPL! You assist me in making myself a better person with your self-help section, you entertain my daycare children with all sorts of reading materials and media, and you are awesome with the kids during the summer! I love your website and it is so helpful to be able to hold books and pick-up at my favorite branch- Great Northwest! Yeah!
    Here’s to many many more….
    Marsha A.

  92. Happy Birthday SAPL! I have enjoyed countless hours and afternoons in your nicely air-conditioned and relaxing environments. I am an adult, but when I was a child, my mother would always take us to the library for summer reading. I have always loved to read and will always do so. Thank you for all the information and services you have ever provided me. Have a wonderful birthday!

  93. Happy 100th birthday SAPL! I’m grateful for all the books, exhibitions, art displays and lectures that our public library system has provided San Antonio. Thanks to our public library system, I’m one of many ordinary people whose life has been inspired and enriched.

  94. Samuel Ralph Thompson

    Our library system is an exceptional resource and Mayor Castro’s support is one reason I voted for him. Happy Birthday!

  95. Happy Birthday !!!! it is an honor to work for you…..

    Jay Leyva

  96. The library is a great place to visit and a great place to work. SAPL truly helps make San Antonio a great place to live!

  97. Congratulations to Ramiro and all the staff of the SPL.Thank you!!

  98. The San Antonio Public Library system is one of San Antonio’s jewels for everyone’s benefit!

    Happy Birthday/Feliz Cumpleanos!!

  99. Happy 110! You were always there for us, dear Book Mobile, bringing treasures of knowledge, fun, escape, and play for my children and me. May you keep rolling merrily along wherever you are needed until, like us, there is a branch library nearby! Thanks for all you are and all you do, SAPL!!!!!

  100. Happy Birthday, SAPL, and thank you for all you do for us!

  101. Happy Birthday, SAPL! I loved coming down to visit your awesome library – all the way from Austin, TX!

  102. Thanks for supplying my need to read! Happy Birthday SAPL!

  103. Happy Birthday SAPL. I have used the public library system for over 45 years and have enjoyed their books immensely. My library is the Guerra branch and it is always busy especially during the summer with their reading hours for kids which is an enjoyable service. People also make use of the computers provided. Thank you SAPL and your staff for all you provide and continued community service.

  104. Phyllis Jackson

    Congrats SAPL, l have always received great assisance from whichever branch l visit. Thanks for all you provide!

  105. Happy, Happy 110th Birthday!!!
    Thank you for bringing a wondrous world of adventure, enlightenment, and enrichment to my life!
    Since I was a child the SAPL was and is one of my favorite places to spend time (lots and lots of time). I always took my children to SAPL for books and activities as they were growing up and now I take my grandchildren.
    I appreciate having a safe environment to read and work in. I appreciate the free classes of all sorts (these days, especially the ones that help me enhance the effectiveness of administering my small business). The online databases and resources are tremendous asset to me and to others that I share them with.
    I thank you for partnering with community organizations in their efforts to contribute to our community members such as Cookies for Santa and Fit for a Princess. Thank you for allowing us to use conference rooms for youth activities that promote leadership and academic success.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  106. Charlotte Coolidge

    Happy Birthday, SAPL! You are a marvelous institution in our city. I have been using your services for over forty years, starting first at the Westfall branch as a child. May you continue to influence, inspire and guide children throughout San Antonio. Blessings!

  107. Happy birthday SAPL, from your friends at the UTSA Libraries! Here’s to the power of libraries to transform lives.

  108. Feliz cumpleanos! Thanks for all the great reads!

  109. I love birthdays esspecially library birthdays. I am going to buy a present for the library tomorrow. See a later.

  110. Happy Birthday, SAPL! You are a real asset to the community, we are so lucky to have you. Here’s to another 110!

  111. Jo S. Cameron

    Happy Birthday SAPL! You’ve been a part of my life since I was in elementary school and that’s about 67 years! I use the Thousand Oaks Branch because everyone is so friendly and nice, especiallly Phyllis and Brenda. I am still a page-turning reader.

  112. Is there any institution that is more beneficial to our city than our public library system? Absolutely not!! A place where everyone can go, no matter who or what they are, and enjoy free food for the mind – and take it home with them! Libraries are also the best escape in the world – and no admission fee. There is no better way to beat the summer heat, as well, than by hanging at the library with a pile of books!

  113. Kaylan Crowther, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

    Thank you for being a wonderful resource for me as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and as a mummy! Here’s to the next 110!

  114. Happy Birthday SAPL! A century and a decade later, and you’re
    still gorgeous Hugs and love to you and all your branches.

  115. Victoria Ford

    Happy Birthday SAPL!! Thank you for making education and literacy accessible for all through your many wonderful services and programs.You continue to enrich our lives and the lives of future generations with a tradition of excellence that spans more than a century. You are truly a part of what makes San Antonio a great and beautiful place to call home.

    Thanks again and may God spread His blessings over all your branches!

  116. I love the San Antonio Public Library System! The library is one of my daughter’s favorite places on earth. She is in college out state, but will be home in August and has already been talking about visiting the library!

  117. Jennifer & Baby Braelynn

    I have been taking my 1 year old to baby time since she was a few months old. We love sharing this time together building memories and her love for reading.

  118. Margery Rodriguez

    The library and I have been friends for a long time. From my early elementary years at Collins Garden Library it has been a refuge. Now heading towards my golden years it’s a friendship that has sustained me in so many ways. I have a favorite librarian at every location. My downtown favorite is Gina Peachy. Check it out….always a helpful, patient and willing smile. I have observed her and she treats everyone with kindness.

  119. Margery Rodriguez

    OOPs and Happy Birthday….may we grow old together.

  120. Happy 110th birthday! I love going to the Central Library the most.

  121. I love the library! My favorite is the McCreless branch. I have the best memories of summer reading programs when I was a kid. Now I love that I can request books online and renew online as well. Happy Birthday, San Antonio Public Library, and many more to come!

  122. Love the Library. Especially Brookhollow Branch. The improvements that were made are great. And the people are
    friendly and helpful.

  123. Love Igo branch. The women there are wonderful! Helpful & profeSsional. Thanks to all.

  124. Congratulations and Thank You and Your Great Staff for bringing me and my family endless hours of enjoyment w/ books, videos, etc.

  125. Happy Birthday SAPL! May you continue to grow and prosper! You never fail to entertain and educate us!

  126. Susan Salzman

    Congrats, SAPL, for 110 years of service to our area! I love many things about our branches, including the diversity of architecture and use of green building ideas. I especially love the wide selection of DVDs. You’ve been a part of my life since the days of the Bookmobile, when the little Lockhill Elementary library had a small selection and the nearest SAPL branch was quite far away. Thanks for bringing the world to me!

  127. want to thanked the wonderful librarians in the childrens department always helping and cheerful!(central) also at collins garden ms.Beatrice is always helpful and nice to my children. our goal is to visit at least 7 libraries this summer! we also love the one in san pedro is my favorite but my children love the central library.!!

  128. I love being able to check out books that i would otherwise have to buy. It’s great to sit in there at times and just enjoy the quiet but friendly atmosphere. I am from a family of 16, and we all like going to the Cortez Library.

  129. Happy Birthday to the library, without you guys here in this area, there wouldn’t be a safe place for the kids to go and be safe. You guys make it possible for the children to have a good time and relax

  130. Happy Birthday SA Public Library system. It is a joy to go to any of the Libraries in our City.

  131. I heart my library and all the wonderful people who work tirelessly to bring us the best services and materials possible. They all deserve a paid holiday in honor of themselves!

  132. Sandi Martinez

    Thank you Westfall Library for always being there whenever I need to get things done. I love everything you have to offer from Children,health,craft, religious books, computers ,copier machine, movies, cds ,voting stations, online library convience, information, even fun events. My family and I love our Library!!! Happy 110 Birthday to all San Antonio Public Libraries!!! 😀

  133. I use sapl all the time. It’s easy, it’s fun for my kids and the staff is great at the Westfall Branch.

    • This has been a great help for all my family just to bond together wether it be reading books at the library, listening to audio books in the car or going to activities held at the library. Now we are looking forward to the Gamefest! Thanks to everyone who contributes to making everything possible! And to the West fall staff and volunteers for being so great at what they do!

  134. Thank you sooooo much for making all the books available to my daughter and I. We “couldn’t have done it without you”!

  135. Jean L. Fairbrother

    I like all the branches I have had the privelege to use on a regular basis (depending on where I’ve lived). I think that Igo and Landa have the most beautiful branches–although I’ve not been to every branch. And, unfortunately, I’ve never lived close to either branch! I do love the library! (However, I think the fines for DVD’s is WAY too high!!)

  136. I’m back in San Antonio (as of April 2011) after 20 years in the San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR areas. Having grown up with the SAPL system, I was shocked at how out of date, backward and underfunded/underutilized the libraries were in those cities. San Antonio should be proud, not only of the libraries, but of the number and diversity of citizens who use the library and libraty system.

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