January 23 in San Antonio history…

A new stagecoach fare of $4 to Boerne was announced with the return trip costing $5.  (This is $98 and $123 in today’s money, respectively.)

The Very Rev. Walter F. Golatka, S.M., president of St. Mary’s University, announces that the entire intercollegiate athletic program, including the remainder of this year’s basketball schedule, has been called off for the duration of the war.
The official announcement was as follows:  “In a recent meeting the executive board of St. Mary’s University decided to discontinue the entire intercollegiate athletic program for the duration of the war. It is evident that the coming months, and probably the coming years, will be times of stress and sacrifice, and that all the nation’s human and financial resources should be bent towards the great end of winning the war. It is to be expected that the citizens of San Antonio be called on very frequently to assist with the national defense because of our city’s close connection with the army and military interests. To these patriotic appeals St. Mary’s athletic program must yield.” (Signed): Walter F. Golatka, S.M., president.
(1941 was the final season for St. Mary’s football.  It was not reinstated after the war.)

The 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified and abolished the poll tax for federal elections.  The State of Texas did not ratify the amendment.  It was one of five states (Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Virginia & Alabama) to still charge a poll tax for local and state elections.


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