UPDATED: SAPL Supports SAHA Housing Application Process – May 15 – June 1

The San Antonio Public Library is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) to provide use of its computers and internet access at all of its 26 locations to anyone wishing to submit a Section 8 housing application to SAHA from May 15 – June 1.  This is the first time in several years that the waiting list is opening.  Applications are only being accepted online and with the possibilty that many applicants may not have immediate access to a computer or the internet, the Library’s public terminals are a logical option.

While the application window is only from May 15 – June 1, applications will be placed in a pool to be added to the waiting list and not on a first come first served basis. A computerized system will determine the order in which an application is processed for consideration. After June 1, applications can still be submitted, but they will be added sequentially after the first group.  

SAHA representatives will be on-site  at Central Library and the following branch libraries: Thousand Oaks, Memorial, Carver, Johnson and Mission.  These representatives will be available to answer questions about the application process UNTIL May 19.

Please have your social security number and the name of your child’s school ready, if applicable. Also, please be sure your information is correct as you cannot go back and make corrections. Click through here to submit your housing application: http://www.saha.org/section%208/html/waiting-list-opens.html.

Please call the SAHA housing hotline for additional information: 1-877-550-1109.


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  1. Abdur Rahmatullah

    My name is Abdur Rahmatullah and I filled out an applaication for Housing Authority Section 8. But I put the 6/15/12 on application instead of 5/15/12. Which is the actual date. Thanking you in advance for your assistance and cooperation with this matter. I await your reply. Call me back at 347-677-7446

  2. stephen Mccoy

    My name is Stephen Mccoy and I have been waiting to get into housing. I met with Roberto Ramirez and Amy Carrillo December 2, 2013 for a hearing. Thankfully my hearing was overturned. I never commited a crime in my life.But my apartment was rented. Then I get a letter that said either reapply or answer by Jan 15 2014, I mailed my reply 1/5/2014 and aI get a letter saying I was denied because I did not apply on line by a specific date. It did not tell me to. I need my housing. I tried to apply on line today but it would not let me. I will come in person tyo apply but I do not want to be denied. I went thru to much trouble and waiting. If your letter had said to apply on line I would have some how found a way but it said the reply to the letter OR apply on line not both. This is not right. I can be reached at 210 612 7729.

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