The Future of Libraries

Lasers, robots, and holograms – these are probably the things that first come to mind when we hear the word future. No longer fiction but reality; technology is advancing at the speed of light (all right, that might have been an exaggeration but you get the point). When we hear the word library, word associations might connect quiet spaces, desks, reading lamps and, of course, books. Consequently, the future of libraries would conjure images of robotic librarians and holographic historic time travel machines, don’t you think?

San Antonio Public Library Director, Ramiro S. Salazar, recently discussed this topic while delivering a presentation at USAA. We know libraries of the future will probably evolve less into familiar scenes in Star Wars, Avatar, Tron, or your other high-tech, futuristic movie of choice –  it will definitely encompass innovative processes, services, community involvement programs and new media spanning far beyond books of the highest technological quality.

At the San Antonio Public Library, our mission statement sums up our DNA and what we will achieve, and it does it in less than the all-important 140 characters: changing lives through the transformative power of information, imagination, and ideas. Maintaining solidarity with San Antonio’s Vision 2020: school readiness, literacy, workforce readiness, education attainment, college readiness, and a healthy community, the public library system will play a vital role in elevating community education and preparing our residents for the future – flying cars and space travel not included.

So what is included you may ask? New free services like the eReader University, Live Homework Help, and job search resources that empower our patrons to learn, engage, and invest in their own futures.

Find out more about how our own investment into innovation can help you. Visit


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  1. Could you elaborate more on your eReader University? Thanks!

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