Don’t Panic! There’s a way to help your kids with their homework.

Life can be hectic. We’re working 40+ hours a week and the kids have school, practice and other activities that seem to fill their calendars – all before getting to their homework in the evening. So we get everyone home, have a little dinner and they go off to their rooms to do homework while you get ready to do the same thing all over again the next day. Then, as you’re drying the last dish, you hear it… the dreaded yell that breaks through closed doors and over a TV that you wish had been a little louder; “Mom/Dad, I need help with my homework!” You’re hoping it’s something simple and easy they need help with, but you know the reality is that it’s probably something that looks like it could be rocket science or maybe 19th Century Russian Literature.

Doesn’t it seem like their homework is harder than ours was? We have a hard enough time deciphering fractions – much less, explaining grammar, calculus and physics. So we sit and we stare at the textbooks and we hope that our help doesn’t ruin their chances of getting into college.  

This routine is familiar to many of us. We can’t fight it, so we must embrace it and realize we aren’t experts at everything and we should ask for help. Here’s how we do it. We make sure our kids have library cards, and then we go online to and click on the link offering live homework help.

Guess what happens next! Our kids get online homework assistance and guidance from actual experts in the subjects in which they need help. They work online in chat scenarios in both with educators on the other side of the screen who can communicate in real time and tutor them on how to solve problems within their homework assignments. It’s like having their teachers come over in the evenings and help them directly. The best part – it’s offered in both English and Spanish and it’s free!

The San Antonio Public Library has a vested interest in the education and success of its citizens, especially those who are in school and need a little extra help with their homework. This service is available online every evening from 4 – 11pm. Now, when you sit with your child or especially your teen, to help them with their homework, you don’t have to panic when you don’t know the answers. They can log on, follow the simple instructions and get the help that they need. Isn’t that amazing? Try it and see how it can work for you and your kids!


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