Time for school supplies? Start with a Library card!

August in San Antonio means not only days of 100-degrees-plus weather but also time to start getting ready to go back to school. (First day at most San Antonio-area public schools is Monday, August 22; private schools, about the same time.)

That means the next few weeks will be packed with making lists, shopping, making sure all the immunizations are up-to-date, and all the picky little details that have to be taken care of before the kids get dropped off at school.

One important item to add to your to-do list: get a San Antonio Public Library card. Why? The San Antonio Public Library has amazing resources to help you and your student through the school year – from the what-you-might-expect books, magazines and newspapers, to free access to awesome online research resources (and it’s not the same as the Internet – this is access to original-source documents, articles and more), to free online live homework help , to our trained information specialists who can help you find just about anything.

Even better, a library card is free. So you get a free thing and it gives you access to a whole bunch more really cool free stuff. There’s probably a library close to you, or you can sign up online, then pick up your card within 30 days. Either way, add “library card” to your to-do list – and while you’re at the library take the opportunity to pick up a book, movie or music CD just for fun.


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