Have you tried it yet? Free music downloads @ your library!

Have you tried out our latest super service? Free music downloads!

If you have an iPod, mp3 or Smartphone you are probably looking for music to help fill your playlist, and the San Antonio Public Library has your answer – from Britney Spears to Jimi Hendrix to Juan Gabriel to Yo-Yo Ma! With a San Antonio public library card you can use our new Freegal (it’s free Freegal logoand legal!) service to download free music from the Sony music library, at any time of the day or night, from our website www.mysapl.org. Just go to the website and click on “Services” to get directions and start downloading your music.

Here’s how it works: the service is absolutely free to San Antonio Public Library cardholders. Freegal Music lets you search by artist, song title or genre. Music can be downloaded directly through your browser, then transferred to your device, and, once downloaded, the song is yours to keep! There is a download limit of three music tracks per week, beginning each Monday.

For more information, call (210) 207-2500, or visit the Library website.


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  1. I have had difficulty accessing the freegal database last night and today. I downloaded my alotted 3 songs last Saturday, but was under the impression the system would reset the counter on Mondays. I have changed no settings on my computer either. Please advise.

  2. Thanks! Freegal is AWESOME!!!

  3. The songs I downloaded to iTunes worked for a few days, then said file not found. I thought we could keep them forever. Did I do something wrong?

  4. @Julie: I had a similar problem with iTunes. I resolved it by saving the file to my desktop (actually, it goes straight to a folder on my desktop) and telling iTunes to look to that desktop folder for the song. There hasn’t been a problem since. Good luck.

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