Daily Archives: January 28, 2011

January 28 in San Antonio history…

The City Council will discuss Andrew Carnegie’s offer to donate $50,000 for a public library at a specially-called meeting.

San Antonio architects have opposed the Gutzon Borglum plans for a Greek Theater in the Lone Star Sunken Garden and introduced their own plans for erection of a theater.

The San Antonio Conservation Society is currently raising a fund to purchase the two-story building on the northwest corner of Villita and South Alamo.  The building was erected in 1850 and plans are to annex it to La Villita.

New York Jets’ quarterback, Joe Namath, arrives in San Antonio to speak at the ABA All-Star game luncheon the next day at La Villita Assembly Hall. Despite arriving unannounced, there were plenty of women to welcome him at the airport.