Daily Archives: January 19, 2011

January 19 in San Antonio history…

With more than $2,000 in the treasury and a membership of over 700, the Young Women’s Christian Association was finally organized last night.  Mrs. G. Bedell Moore was elected temporary chairman and Miss Marion Bliem, secretary.

So serious has become the crowded condition of San Antonio’s two high schools [Main Avenue & Brackenridge] , that both are threatened with relegation to the second high school class, it was revealed today.  Only the building of a third high school can solve the problem.

San Antonio oilman-scientist Tom Slick said today it is “entirely possible” a Russian scientist’s claim he spotted two “Abominable Snowmen” is true.  Last year Slick led an expedition in which he photographed tracks believed to have been made by the elusive Himalayan creatures.

January 19 in San Antonio history…

Special Officer Will Haines lost his badge chasing some hoboes out of the river bottom and through a turnip patch last night.

Chamber of Commerce Secretary John B. Carrington has urged greater cooperation by citizens for the current census.  It will require a population of 215,000 to make Bexar County a congressional district.  He pointed out that this cannot be achieved unless the blank forms left by enumerators when families are away are filled out  and returned.

The move to decentralize preflight training for Air Force student pilots and navigators at Lackland Air Force Base to other stations of the Air Training Command was announced today by Rep. Bob Poage, Waco.