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December 31 in San Antonio history…

The Tower Hotel, located on Grayson Street at the entrance to the VIII Corps area headquarters, was scheduled to be razed to make way for a new National Bank at Fort Sam Houston. The hotel had been built in 1905.

Four San Antonio homes were radied by 20 lawmen as part of a statewide crackdown on gambling. At one of the homes, officers said, most of the betting slips recovered were placed in connection with New Year’s Day bowl games.

Washington State defeats the Baylor Bears, 10-3, in the second Alamo Bowl game.


December 30 in San Antonio history…

Pancoast’s Sons claimed to have a large stock of good wool underwear at reasonable prices.

The midnight Frolic at the Majestic New Year’s Eve was advertised as a glittering ensemble of cabaret features, pretty girls, novelty stunts and loads of fun.

A young lawyer, bucking for a prosecutor’s post in Corporation Court and due to go on the city payroll within one week, was ruled out at the last minute when it was discovered that he had a stack of unpaid parking tickets, had been driving with improper license plates and an expired driver’s license.

December 29 in San Antonio history…

The new telephone company placed its posts and lines along Crosby Road.

George W. Brackenridge, 88, retired financier and holder of extensive properties in Texas and elsewhere, died at his Fern Ridge home near San Antonio. He had never married.

Terrill Hill police searched in vain for a brightly clad spaceman. An interplanetary character, complete with bubble helmet and antennae, was reported by Dr. and Mrs. Dick Creamer, 205 Newbury.

December 28 in San Antonio history…

A new saloon opened at 239 Commerce Street. It had been Nette’s old drugstore.

Construction on the Riverside golf course tees was scheduled to begin, Park Department secretary Elmer Wernette announced. All nine greens had been finished.

Three youths, ages 13, 12 and 10, were caught inside Brentwood Elementary School at 10:20 a.m. They had pried open a window to enter the school and were nabbed by police while trying to escape from the auditorium.

December 27 in San Antonio history…

Dr. Seely’s school announced that classes would resume Monday, January 7. For all catalogues and information, interested persons were requested to address I. J. Cox, 1927 N. Flores St.

Carl Geyer, a popular young referee, was knocked against an iron turnbuckle during a wrestling event at Beethoven Hall and removed unconscious to Medical Arts Hospital.

Three city commissioners rejected the Commissioner James Knight’s proposal that the city adopt a state retirement system for its employees.

December 26 in San Antonio history…

General passenger agent for the M.K. & T. Railroad, W. T. St. George, announced that beginning Jauuary 1, the railroad would substitute dining cars for the eating stations then in use.

The Lockwood National Bank, having consolidated with the Frost National Bank under the name of the latter bank, notice is hereby given by the Lockwood National Bank, its officers and employees, that all our business is now being transacted at our new banking home in the Frost National Bank on Main Plaza, instead of our former location at 113 Broadway.
San Antonio’s record-breaking construction pace placed it among the leading cities in homebuilding in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. During the first nine months of the year, it was ranked 14th in the nation in number of new housing units built.

December 25 in San Antonio history…

Heavy traffic in the business district resulted in the opening of two new streets. Pecan Street was to be lengthened for travel across the river and College was to be opened from Navarro to Losoya.

The Yuletide spirit ran rampant in the hearts of city and county officals as more than 100 men confined to the Bexar County Jail were freed.

The Grinch visited a house at 114 Whittier Street. Thieves took a 10-pound turkey and all the trimmings.

San Antonio became one of the first cities in the nation to show a 3-D motion picture today as “Bwana Devil” premiered at the Texas Theater. (right)

A young security guard was killed on his first day on the job at the Pearl Brewery. The elevator car he was riding in became stuck 80 feet above the bottom of the shaft. He tried to climb out of the car to safety and fell, breaking his neck.

December 24 in San Antonio history…

Gutzon Borglum, famed San Antonio sculptor, has been awarded the Polish Officers Cross of the Order of Polonia by the president of Poland in recognition of his Wilson monument there.

Traffic accidents claimed at least 20 lives before Christmas Eve as the total violent death toll for Texas jumped to 25.

December 23 in San Antonio history…

The Humane Society is investigating a house where young babies are allegedly taken and sold to persons who wish to adopt them.

More than 3,000 children are expected to participate in festivities around the towering Rotary tree on Alamo Plaza tonight.

Burglars looted the safe of the Groff Brothers Recapping and Vulcanizing Company, 1430 S. Flores of about $200 cash.

December 22 in San Antonio history…

The Salvation Army has set aside tomorrow as “gathering in” day. Donations from all parts of the city will be collected and taken to the hall at 110 N. Flores, where the big dinner will be served Christmas Day.

Steps are being taken by the city administration for the lighting of Travis and Navarro streets.

The railroad practice of blocking streets during lengthy switching operations delayed firemen who were en route to an $85,000 blaze at Mission Bag Company, authorites said.